Caramelized Apples for Filling, Best Cooking Techniques

The use of a product such as caramelized apples for filling charlottes and pies is gaining more and more popularity.

This is due to the ease of preparation and the availability of ingredients.


  • What is caramelization
  • What products are required
  • How to caramelize apples for charlotte, for decorating cake and dessert
  • Cooking quickly in a multicooker
  • Caramelized apples in vegetable oil
  • Whole apples on a stick
  • Cooking apples with cubes and slices
  • Caramelization of dried fruits
  • Fried apples in caramel

What is caramelization

The caramelization process consists in frying the fruit in a thick syrup. As a result, the sugar syrup solidifies on the surface of the fruit, providing a glossy effect. However, with such processing, it is important to take into account that the fruits must necessarily have a dense structure.

Loose and tender pulp in the process of exposure to high temperatures loses its presentation and although the taste remains excellent, outwardly such fruits will lose significantly.

Frying fruits in sugar syrup can be carried out in a wide variety of ways, according to various recipes. The choice of a specific method of work depends only on the purpose of the cook and the means at hand.

What products are required

From the name it already becomes clear that caramel is needed to prepare such a dish. That thick sugar syrup, in which the fruits are scalded.

In addition to sugar, you will need butter and water to make the syrup to make the syrup viscous and thick, and vanillin with cinnamon for a special flavor.

After preparing the syrup, the only thing you have to find is apples, pears or other fruits with a dense structure. It will take a little time, and the result will exceed all expectations in terms of aesthetic and taste indicators.

How to caramelize apples for charlotte, for decorating cake and dessert

The simplest and most widespread method of caramelization, which is suitable for fruits that go into the filling of charlotte or for decorating a dessert, is the same usual roasting in thick syrup.

For cooking you need:

  • Take 5-6 apples, wash and cut into slices without peeling. Be sure to cut out the middle with the seeds;
  • Heat a frying pan, melt 250 g of butter and slowly melt a glass of sugar in it;
  • Stir constantly, cook over medium heat until the sugar is completely dissolved;
  • After the syrup turns yellowish, add the chopped wedges to it. Mix thoroughly so that the slices are evenly covered with caramel, sprinkle with cinnamon on top;
  • Simmer the mixture over medium heat for five minutes. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the slices do not remain soggy, but also do not fall apart into porridge.

After the fruits are ready, they need to be laid out on a plate and allowed to cool. For decorating cakes, it is better to choose fruits with tight pulp, which will definitely not lose their presentation, but soft ones may well be suitable for the filling.

Let's watch a video about caramelizing apples for filling:

Cooking quickly in a multicooker

Traditionally, caramelization is carried out in a frying pan on the stove, but the current level of development of science and technology allows us to make adjustments to this tradition. In order to cook apples quickly and efficiently, you can use a multicooker.

The cooking process in this method is as follows:

  • Wash half a kilogram of fruit, cut into slices and cut the core;
  • Put 50 g of butter in a multicooker bowl and melt it, setting the "baking" mode;
  • Add 50 g of sugar and melt it, bringing the mixture to a homogeneous mass;
  • After dissolving, add slices. Simmer until tender and crusty.

After cooking, place on a plate and let cool. Can be used as a filling, cake decoration or as an independent tea dish.

Caramelized apples in vegetable oil

It is not at all necessary to use butter to make treats in sugar syrup. With the proper skill, vegetable is also quite suitable.

For cooking you will need:

  • Wash the fruit, core and peel, then cut into pieces and pour with lemon juice;
  • Stir two egg whites together with 70 g of starch. Roll the slices in the resulting mixture;
  • Pour 100 g of vegetable oil into a frying pan, heat, but do not boil;
  • Fry apples rolled in an egg-starch mixture in oil;
  • While the pieces are fried, in another pan, heat three tablespoons of oil, in which dissolve a glass of sugar;
  • Transfer the fried fruits to the syrup and fry until golden brown for a minute.

A delicacy prepared in this way may differ in taste from a delicacy prepared in a multicooker or an ordinary frying pan, but the only difference this difference will be is the originality of the taste.

Whole apples on a stick

Apples on a stick are a versatile option that suits a buffet table, a home holiday or a simple tea delicacy.

To prepare one serving, it is enough:

  • Choose a few small fruits and wash them thoroughly, then be sure to wipe them thoroughly, removing all traces of moisture from the peel;
  • Stick in advance selected sticks from the side of the handle;
  • To prepare caramel, prepare a pan with thick walls in advance, put 45 g of sugar in it, a pinch of salt and citric acid each. Pour the mixture with 25 mg of water;
  • Place the resulting mixture on fire and bring to a boil. When the mixture turns brown, remove from heat;
  • Pour 15 ml of cream into the resulting caramel and stir thoroughly;
  • Dip it alternately in the resulting syrup, scrolling slowly. This will ensure that the syrup is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the fruit. After that, leave the treat on a plate or wire rack to drain off excess caramel;
  • Dip the fruits in this way until all the caramel from the pan is on the skin.

After the delicacy is ready, let it dry for half an hour. For big holidays, you can also add coloring to the caramel, which will give the dish a more original look.

Cooking apples with cubes and slices

Like the previous ones, this recipe will not take long. So at the lowest cost, you can get the most delicious dessert. In order to prepare a delicious and healthy dessert for tea, you will need:

Prepare half a kilogram of fruit in advance, cut into cubes or slices, depending on preference;

  • Put a little butter in the pan. After it has warmed up enough - lay out the cut slices;
  • To prevent the fruits from burning, stir occasionally, while using only a wooden spoon;
  • After the oil stops boiling - add two tablespoons of sugar, half a teaspoon of grated nutmeg and mix gently. Stir until the wedges are softer and brownish. This often takes no more than ten minutes;
  • After cooking, put the fruit on a plate, without pouring the caramel from the pan;
  • Mix the remaining mixture in the pan with the apple juice and add heat. While stirring, simmer the mixture for three minutes, after which a wonderful sauce will be ready.

Thus, starting to cook one dish at the end, you get several curious ingredients that will bring a pleasant variety to any table.

Caramelization of dried fruits

For caramelization, it is not at all necessary to use fresh fruits, even dried fruits are suitable for this. Properly cooked, they will differ from fresh fruits by the originality of taste. The only thing that is important to consider is that such a delicacy is quite hard and looks more like candy.

The cooking scheme in this case is slightly different:

  • Prepare in advance half a kilogram of dried fruits, which need to be immersed in water for ten minutes to soak;
  • While the dried fruits are soaking, preheat the oven to 180 degrees;
  • Before putting the soaked dryers on a baking sheet - carefully grease it with butter;
  • In a separate bowl, stir in five tablespoons of sugar and half of the tea cinnamon. Sprinkle dryers with this mixture and grate butter on top;
  • Place the prepared dish in the oven for half an hour, remembering to check the condition of the dish from time to time. Readiness can be determined by a golden crust, after which the delicacy can be removed from the oven.

The end result is an amazingly tasty, crispy and aromatic dish that will be a great addition to tea. The main thing is to prevent sticking, remove from the oven immediately after reaching a golden hue.

Fried apples in caramel

No less remarkable is the recipe for fried apples in caramel. In terms of its properties, this delicacy is not much different from ordinary caramelized fruits, but much easier to prepare.

For cooking you need:

  • Prepare four medium apples in advance. Wash and cut into cubes that would be convenient to fry;
  • Melt a teaspoon of butter in a cast iron skillet. After the butter dissolves, add two tablespoons of sugar to it and simmer until completely dissolved;
  • After the caramel is ready, put the cubes in a frying pan and cook over low heat;
  • It is important not to forget to stir periodically so as not to burn. After frying on all sides, bring to a brownish crust. You can add some cinnamon.
  • After the fried apples are ready, place them on a saucer, letting them cool down. The ready-made dish is suitable for filling a pie or an independent dessert.

Caramelized apples are one of the most famous and simple desserts. Such a delicacy will look great both as an independent dish at a buffet table, and as a filling for charlotte.

We offer you to watch a video about making a pie with caramelized apples:

Watch the video: The Pioneer Woman Makes Caramel Apple Pie. The Pioneer Woman. Food Network (January 2022).