How to build a toilet in the country with your own hands, from wood and brick

In order for the time spent at the dacha to be as comfortable as possible, it is worthwhile to take care of its arrangement in advance. So, in addition to repairing the house, no less attention should be paid to the issue of how to build a toilet in the country with your own hands.


  • Choosing a place, what to consider, choosing a type of construction
  • DIY toilet, optimal dimensions and shape of the structure
  • How to build a toilet in the country with your own hands, made of wood, step by step instructions, video
  • Disadvantages of wooden structures
  • How to make a toilet in the country in the house
  • How to build a brick toilet in the country, advantages
  • Powder and backlash closets at their summer cottage
  • What is a dry closet

How to choose a place, what to consider when choosing a type of construction

Before starting construction, it is important to pay attention to some of the building placement rules. So the restroom in the country should be located at least 25 m from the wells and 12 from residential buildings.

This will help prevent the spread of unpleasant odors and contamination of the well water.

If the site is located on a slight slope, it is recommended to place the toilet on a slide. However, in this case, you should be extremely careful so that the cesspool is not located at the level of the groundwater table.

It is important to take into account the wind rose when choosing a place, which will help prevent the spread of unpleasant odors. So, it is not recommended to choose plots near verandas or terraces, it is better to give preference to the side of the house on which there are no windows at all or they do not open.

This is due to the fact that in the warm season, the smell from the cesspool can overcome even the necessary 12 m and significantly spoil the outdoor recreation.

When arranging, an important detail is also the method of cleaning the cesspool. It is so important to organize the possibility of a sewer truck approaching it.

However, before proceeding with the direct construction, it is also worth considering the characteristic features of the types of buildings. First of all, based on the depth of groundwater. So, if their level is less than a few meters, it is worth stopping at a powder closet. If the depth is more than two and a half, you can equip a backlash closet or a cesspool.

There are not so many details, but it is worth considering them when choosing a site. Otherwise, there is a danger on a summer evening to enjoy not the scent of flowers, but another, much less pleasant.

DIY toilet, optimal size and shape of the structure

When the problem with the selection of the site is solved, no less attention should be paid to the selection of the shape and size of the structure.

So constructions of the type are optimal for giving:

  • House - 1.5 m deep, 1.2 m wide, 1 - 1.5 m long and 2 - 2.5 m high (dimensions are standard for all types, if necessary, you can increase, but in no case do not decrease). Differs in the shape of the roof, resembling a house;
  • Hut - you can recognize it by the characteristic structure of the side walls, which simultaneously act as roof slopes. The simplest and fastest type to build, which can be built in just a couple of hours. Finishing materials will only be needed from the front and rear, the side walls are made of roofing materials;
  • Birdhouse - features a roof fixed on a truncated base, on which snow does not linger.
  • Before you start working directly, decide what should be the result. To do this, you can develop a drawing yourself or find a ready-made one on the network in order to avoid inaccuracies in the design.

Before proceeding with the direct construction, it is important to determine the scheme and calculate all the dimensions, which will greatly simplify and speed up the workflow. It is the scheme that will help to prepare the required amount of materials in advance, cut the wooden blocks into the desired pieces. For example, if you have a pitched roof, the front pillars must necessarily exceed the height of the rear ones by 20 cm, which is the simplest roof option.

Further it is recommended to follow the instructions:

  • First of all, you need to assemble the base. At this stage, it is important to maintain the proportions so that the result comes out even, so it is important to check the diagonals. It is recommended to fasten the base parts with self-tapping screws;
  • Even a solid timber structure is not recommended to be installed directly on the ground. In the presence of contact with the soil, even a special treatment of the lower part of the structure with special protective compounds will not help. The best base is four concrete blocks;
  • In order for the wooden structure to come out as durable as possible, it is recommended to fasten the vertical posts from iron. Mounting corners are considered the best option, with which you can securely fasten the parts. When installing racks, it is important to periodically check them using a level, if necessary fixing them with temporary braces;
  • After installing the racks, we proceed to the construction of the toilet seat. First of all, with the help of a bar, a frame is constructed with a height of 40 cm and a width of 50 cm. The main thing is to end up with a rigid structure;
  • Attach the roof support and door frame. On the roof, the throws should have an offset of 20 cm, this will help close the walls from precipitation;
  • The next step is boarding the walls. The main thing in the stage is cutting the boards that correspond to the size. Fasten with screws or nails;
  • Install the door, you can stop at an elementary structure made of a board, several jumpers and a brace for reliability. Put on hinges;
  • On the back side, install a ventilation pipe, which should be at least 20 cm above the roof and go deeper into the pit by the same amount. A deflector can be attached to the top of the pipe to protect it from precipitation.

After the structure is assembled, be sure to treat it with a protective mixture or paint. It is recommended to renew the staining at least once every three years, which will significantly extend the duration of the structure's existence.

Let's watch a video on how to build a toilet in the country with our own hands:

Disadvantages of wooden structures

Despite the fact that the construction of a wooden toilet is the simplest and most environmentally friendly, there are a number of disadvantages to this choice. The most obvious ones are:

  • Without additional treatment with special substances, the tree sharply reduces the service life;
  • The possibility of deformation of the frame as a result of high humidity;
  • Burnout of the tree, as a result of the influence of ultraviolet radiation;
  • Deformation of wood under the influence of sunlight;
  • The spread of fungus and mold in the wood, provoking its rotting, which is accompanied by unpleasant odors.

This does not mean that wooden structures are completely useless, but it is worth considering that before starting construction, it is worth preparing the material. It is better if it is specially processed, which will ensure the duration of the building's service.

How to make a toilet in the country in the house

However, it is not at all necessary to take the toilet outside. A dacha may not differ much from an ordinary house and a bathroom can also be placed indoors. There are several options for this.

Classic bathroom

If a lot of time is spent in the country, this is the best option. It can be included in the building plan of the house during the construction, or additionally connected when connecting the drain circuit to a centralized sewage system.

In order to connect it to an existing house, you will have to work hard to install a sewer pipe with a drain into the cesspool, but if the house is only planned, it is recommended to add a classic bathroom to the scheme.

Dry closet

Suitable if not much time is spent at the dacha. For the arrangement, it is recommended to allocate a separate room, at the base of which there is no water supply, and all the drains are collected in a separate container, which is then emptied into a cesspool on the street.

If at the dacha a week is spent at most, it is better not to waste time and energy and install a dry closet.

To ensure convenience, if you go to a country house for the whole summer, it is recommended to give preference to a classic bathroom.

How to build a brick toilet in the country, what are the advantages

Building a brick building requires more precision. Therefore, first of all, you need to prepare the corresponding drawings. With the minimum dimensions of the building, the length should be 1.3 m, the depth - 1.5 m, the width - 1.2 m. When calculating, it is important to take into account that more does not mean better.

This is especially true of the depth of the pit, if it exceeds the proposed one and a half meters, it will be difficult to empty it. After the scheme is ready and the site is selected, you can proceed to the start of construction, which consists of a number of stages.


First of all, it is necessary to dig a pit of the appropriate size, while it should be at a slight slope to the rear section of the structure, which is necessary for convenient drainage of the drains. After the pit has been dug, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of water, cement, sand and fine stone in a ratio of 5: 1: 3: 5.

The walls of the pit are reinforced with a metal frame, which is poured with the prepared mixture and allowed to stand for a month, during which the structure should finally harden.

Laying the foundation and floor

It is recommended to use a strip foundation, which will require formwork and a sturdy frame that will provide a solid structure. First of all, you need to dig a trench up to 20 cm wide and collect the blank for the formwork. Align the tape frame with the cesspool cover.

For pouring the floor, it is recommended to make a steel frame in the inner part of the formwork, laying out the reinforcement rods in the grooves of the profiled sheet. After that, it is necessary to fill the formwork with a cement solution, evenly distributing it over the entire area. Allow to dry for three weeks, after which it can be primed, painted or even tiled.


Before laying, it is necessary to install a frame made of concrete pillars. It is recommended to lay bricks with the calculation of the thickness of half a brick, be sure to leave a window for ventilation on the back wall.

When laying, it is important to regularly check the level of evenness, after each row horizontally and vertically. If the brick needs to be divided, it is recommended to use a grinder, and not break it. In case of splashing of the solution on the walls, they must be removed. When laying out the last row, it is necessary to leave openings for the ceiling beams.

We suggest watching a video on how to lay a brick:


The best is a shed roof with a slope towards the rear wall. So tar is applied to wooden blocks and wrapped with roofing material. The beams are fixed in place with metal anchors. For the roof, slate, tiles or corrugated board are used.
When installing, it is important to take into account that the roof should protrude 20 cm beyond the walls.

The last stage of the work is the installation of a toilet bowl with a decorative arrangement of the bathroom.

The obvious advantages of this design is the fact that it is not difficult to build it. In addition, such a building is durable, it resists heat, moisture and frost well, and is not susceptible to the effects of fungi and mold.

Powder and backlash closets at their summer cottage

One of the easiest to arrange bathroom options in the country are powder and backlash closets. Each option has a number of characteristic features that are recommended to be considered during installation.

Powder closet

In this case, the sewage does not fall into the pit, but into the tank that is installed under the toilet seat. Its role can be played by a large bucket, metal barrels, boxes. A characteristic feature of this option is its simplicity and low cost, the exclusion of the danger of sewage entering the soil water.

After each visit to the toilet, the sewage is sprinkled with organic fertilizers. As it accumulates, the container is emptied into a cesspool.

Backlash closet

The main feature is the fact that the cesspool must have a sealed structure, regardless of where the toilet seat is located. In the pit itself, there should be three holes: for pumping out sewage, waste water from the toilet seat and a ventilation channel.

In this case, the end of the drainage pipe must be located below the ventilation pipe.

Both options minimize unpleasant odors and are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, depending on need and availability.

What is a dry closet

Classically represented by a sanitary structure, the main function of which is the natural process of waste decomposition. The process is accelerated with the help of biological additives.

Differs in compactness, fully complies with sanitary standards and does not need to be connected to sewerage and water supply.

For waste processing, products such as:

  • Bioenzymes - based on a mixture of enzyme proteins and bacteria that provoke the decomposition of waste;
  • Compost - the function is the same as in a compost pit;
  • Microflora is a liquid with a high percentage of bacteria that dispose of waste;
  • Sawdust - they are rarely used in their pure form, they are often mixed with peat for efficiency;
  • Powder mixtures - preparations that absorb liquid and activate the waste processing process;
  • Peat - absorbs liquid and activates the process of waste processing by mineralization.

A dry closet is one of the best options for a toilet for a summer residence. Simple and convenient in arrangement, it is suitable for small country houses.

It is not difficult to build a toilet in the country with your own hands. With the materials, desire, and care, it is physically challenging, but achievable.

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