How to plant a Christmas tree from a pot, brought from the forest, from a branch, planting in autumn and winter

The question of how to plant a Christmas tree does not arise so often, this is not a standard inhabitant of personal plots, despite its rather spectacular appearance.

However, many are afraid to contact him, considering the spruce to be a capricious tree, but this is not entirely true.


  • What spruce to plant on the site
  • How to plant a Christmas tree, choose a place for an ephedra
  • How to plant a Christmas tree from the forest
  • How to plant a Christmas tree in winter
  • How to plant a tree from a branch
  • Is it possible to plant a spruce in November
  • How to plant a Christmas tree from a pot
  • How to plant a Christmas tree after the new year
  • Sapling care rules
  • Signs associated with planting spruce

What spruce to plant on the site

Before proceeding with any method of planting this coniferous on the site, it is important to decide on the type and variety.

The varieties indicated in the table are the most suitable for growing in personal plots.

European (Common)Under this name, trees with a pyramidal and rounded shape are combined. Moreover, the latter are often represented by dwarf varieties and do not exceed several meters in height.
CanadianOne of the richest in decorative varieties and forms, species. The most popular representative is Konica - a slow-growing tree with a very dense crown, which can reach a height of four meters. Varieties of this species are in dire need of shade in spring, as they often suffer from sunburn.
PricklyDiffers in a high level of resistance to air smoke, is distinguished by silvery needles with a bluish tint
SerbianOriginally from mountainous regions, it perfectly tolerates winter temperature fluctuations. Most of the species are quite tall, but there are also dwarf representatives that do not exceed three meters in height.
SiberianIt is distinguished by its high growth, the color of the needles may vary depending on the variety. Crown shape - conical

Each species and variety has its own characteristics that should be considered before embarking on planting.

It is so important to compare these properties and the conditions in which the spruce is to grow in order to determine whether the tree will die in the first year.

How to plant a Christmas tree, choose a place for an ephedra

If you have already decided on the variety, it is recommended at least time to convince the selection of a place for planting.

It is so important to pay attention to aspects such as:

  • Permeability - spruce trees have a rather weak root system, so strong winds can break the crown. This is especially dangerous for tall species;
  • Illumination - most varieties feel better in well-lit areas, which is especially important for trees with variegated needles. Lack of sunlight leads to slower growth and loss of color by the needles;
  • Soil - grow best on acidic or slightly acidic soils. It is also important to take into account the peculiarities of the soil structure: loam or sandy loam soils with a high level of water and air permeability are optimal;
  • Groundwater level - too close groundwater to the surface is a common cause of death of young trees.

When choosing a place for a spruce, it is also important to take into account the height of the coniferous tree and the area that it will occupy in the future.

So when planting a small Christmas tree near the path, there is a danger that in ten years it will be impossible to walk along it due to the growth of the tree.

How to plant a Christmas tree from the forest

It is not always possible to buy a spruce, sometimes it is dug up in the forest, however, in order for such a tree to grow on the site, it is important to choose the right plant. So the trees on the outskirts of the forest, which reach a height of one and a half meters, will be optimal.

In order for the tree to grow and develop normally, the transplanting process must obey a number of rules. If they are observed, problems will be minimized.

So it is recommended:

  • Under the selected tree, dig a circle along the diameter of the lower branches to a depth of half a meter.
  • After that, you need to start carefully digging up the roots. At the same time, be sure to mark with ribbons where the tree had the north and where the south side.
  • The latter is especially important when planting, helping to reduce stress on the tree;
  • After the tree has been dug out, fill the bag with the native soil of the spruce;
  • When it is delivered to the site, start preparing the pit, which should correspond in size to the land coma;
  • At the bottom of the pit, be sure to pour the forest soil native to the tree;
  • Carefully place the roots in the dug hole, make sure that the roots do not curl or break, if this happens - expand the edges of the hole;
  • Make sure that the location of the branches corresponds to the south and north. Sprinkle the roots with the rest of the forest soil, moisten with fertilizer and water abundantly.

The main care for a young seedling is regular and abundant watering. The earth should not dry up, this can lead to his death.

Let's watch a video about planting a Christmas tree:

How to plant a Christmas tree in winter

In order for the planting of spruce to be successful in winter, it is important to select a healthy plant without damage. this will significantly increase the likelihood of its survival on the site.

Tall species develop especially well after winter planting. It is important to take into account that it is recommended to carry out planting at a temperature not lower than -15 ° C. The Christmas tree tolerates temperature fluctuations well, its root system does not suffer from frost as much as the roots of other plants.

For a favorable landing, it is necessary to prepare a hole in advance, which should exceed the size of the earthen lump by half a meter.

It is important to lay a layer of foliage at the bottom for insulation. It is recommended to fill the cracks between the earthen lump and the walls of the hole with soil that does not freeze.

In this case, it is important not to lower the root collar below 10 cm from the soil level.

Correctly planted conifers calmly endure the winter and, with the onset of warming, passes into a phase of active growth.

How to plant a tree from a branch

Many believe that it is impossible to grow conifers from a branch, but this is not entirely true. In order to get a seedling, find a tree up to eight years old, select a young branch on the top of the crown and carefully cut it off.

After that it is necessary:

  • Remove all the needles from the bottom of the seedling and place in water with a little potassium permanganate;
  • After a few days, prepare a container with soil, which you can buy in a store or collect in a spruce forest. Lay a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot;
  • Provide greenhouse conditions - cover with a film, it is recommended to additionally cover it with a shading cloth for the first time;
  • Disembark at a slight slope;
  • The first days it is important to water the seedlings four times a day and only with the formation of roots, reduce the frequency of watering to once a day.
  • Often, rooting occurs only in the second year, but this can be accelerated by preparing the petioles in the spring.

Let's watch a video on how to plant a Christmas tree from a branch:

Is it possible to plant a spruce in November

The autumn planting of spruces is no different from the winter or spring, however, it is permissible only as a last resort. The plant has already spent energy during the growing season and replanting it can be risky.

However, a transplant can be carried out, along with a lump of land. The only thing that should definitely be done is abundant watering. A large amount of moisture will help compensate for the stress on the tree and significantly increase the likelihood of its survival.

November is not the best time for a transplant, but not critical either. With the right approach, the tree that was planted at this time is no different from the relatives that settled on the site in winter.

How to plant a Christmas tree from a pot

Planting spruce from a pot is no different from all other methods of planting. So it is necessary to prepare a hole in advance, which in size will slightly exceed the volume of the earth coma.

The harvested hole must be thoroughly watered and compost must be placed on the bottom, after which it is important to fertilize the seedling with complex dressings every spring.

This is where all the features of planting spruce from a pot end. The main condition that must be observed in any case is not to damage the land room.

How to plant a Christmas tree after the new year

It is not always worth throwing out the New Year's coniferous, it can be planted. In order to increase the likelihood of spruce survival, it is recommended to store it in a cool place, sprinkling it with snow and sawdust on the lower part, which is partially submerged in the soil. The latter should not dry out.

Planting in open soil can only be carried out after the soil has thawed. Care is similar to caring for all other seedlings and includes systematic watering and feeding. It is also recommended to process the cut with Kornevin before planting.

Of course, this planting option does not always give a positive result, but with proper care, there is still a chance that the tree will take root and please the owners with an evergreen fresh crown for more than one year.

Sapling care rules

When growing spruce, it is important not to forget about it, the seedlings are especially sensitive and need care.

In order to prevent them from dying, it is recommended:

  • Pour under one tree at least 10 liters per week;
  • Systematically loosen the soil and spray with a hose, washing away the dust;
  • Do not apply too much fertilizer, spring feeding will be sufficient;
  • Systematically remove dry branches, if the top begins to bifurcate - remove one of the shoots.

Proper care of a young seedling is the key to growing a beautiful and strong tree. It takes some effort, but the beauty of a well-groomed conifer is worth it.

Signs associated with planting spruce

Despite the fact that the tree is a rather beautiful plant, most of the signs associated with it are not encouraging.

The most famous are:

  • The tree scares off men;
  • Leads to family quarrels;
  • When the tree rises above the roof of the house, one of its inhabitants dies;
  • This is an energetic vampire that draws positive energy.

However, it is worth mentioning that each sign has roots that are not so relevant now.

So the death of household members was characteristic of the old days with small houses, when a too high tree could block the chimney, which in our age is no longer so dangerous.

Growing spruce on a personal plot is a troublesome procedure, but the result is worth it. A lush evergreen tree will brighten up any garden.