What are the best cucumber varieties?

Undoubtedly, there has always been, is and will be a royal person, in the garden of every summer resident there is a cucumber. But the choice of the variety depends only on the taste preferences of each: long, short, round, bunchy - for every taste, as they say.

Fruit size matters a lot. Depending on the variety, it can be from 3 to 75 cm. China is the supplier of the best long-fruited varieties. For example, their variety Chung-gu effortlessly reaches a length of 50 cm and is not whimsical at all. But only with a long stay in the open sun, the fruits are twisted in spirals.

Many summer residents prefer for cultivation such varieties as the Far East-27 and the Phoenix 640 hybrid, which also came from China, are distinguished by disease resistance and unpretentious care.

But it's just not very convenient to grow huge cucumbers, and not everyone likes it. For lovers of medium fruits, there are varieties such as Btlla, Flamingo, Futura, Corona, Cordoba. The fruits of these varieties reach a size of 14 to 30 cm, are distinguished by the absence of bitterness, are unpretentious in cultivation and are not prone to diseases. Of the domestic varieties, one can distinguish such as - Russian size, TSKHA 98, Rocket, Zozulya.

As for the taste of the fruit, it all depends on personal preferences, as they say - the taste and color.

Also, some of the most favorite and most preferred varieties are Bimbo-star, Boy with a finger, Cordoba, Accordia, Herman, Masha, True friends, Kid, which do not reach more than 10 cm in length and are considered the most optimal option for pickling. But as for growing and caring, they are very demanding and whimsical.

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