Do-it-yourself wooden arch, materials used, design options, photo

The wooden arch serves as a decorative decoration for the garden. It can be installed above the path and used as a support for climbing plants.

Everyone can make such a structure. A self-made wooden arch will be a structure that will give originality to the design of your site.


  • Arch made of wood: functions of the structure and performance requirements
  • Do-it-yourself wooden arch for the garden
  • Photo of garden arches, options for classic designs
  • Exclusive arches made of wood materials
  • Do-it-yourself arches for climbing plants
  • Drawing of an arch for grapes, installation procedure
  • Plants for decoration
  • How to make an arch from a living tree

Arch made of wood: functions of the structure and performance requirements

The arched structure looks very stylish in nature. In addition to decorative functions, it can act as a support for various botanical species, be part of a hedge and just an architectural accessory.

The arched structure can serve as a visual zoning of the site. Such products are collapsible, they are purchased at any hardware store with a wide range. Also, a wooden arch can be made with your own hands, using available materials and available drawings.

Before you build an arch on the site, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the ergonomic and aesthetic recommendations regarding this type of structure:

  • The arch is made taking into account the dimensions of all family members, as well as possible visitors.
  • A design that is too low and narrow will constantly provoke inconvenience and injury, especially if it is crowned with a wicket. The width of a standard arch is about one and a half meters, the recommended height is at least 2.5-3 meters;
  • The design of the arch is made in such a way that the structure is aesthetically attractive in the autumn and winter periods, when it is open to the views of guests and household members;
  • For an outdoor accessory, materials are chosen that can withstand adverse weather conditions. Otherwise, there is a great risk that the rotted structure will collapse at an unforeseen moment.

Do-it-yourself wooden arch for the garden

It is quite simple to make an architectural structure on your own. It is not necessary to have professional carpentry skills for this, because we are talking about decorating for a home garden.

Small flaws will not spoil the impression of the arched structure. All work is usually completed within one day.

Any kind of wood is used as a starting material. It can be pine, oak, birch, or parts of pressed strand material. The latter option is more affordable, but less durable.

If the owners prefer practical materials, it is worth considering cypress or mahogany.

These rocks are less prone to rotting. Such arches will last much longer, and they will look more monumental.

A garden construction requires a small amount of material. If there is a nearby lumber yard, you can go there and pick up suitable size blanks.

To work in the garden, you will need the following tools:

  • a circular saw;
  • jigsaw;
  • hammer;
  • drill;
  • shovel.

After the manufacture and installation of the architectural structure, the surface of the arch is covered with wood varnish or stain. Without additional processing, the product, when exposed to air, will rot within a few years.

Only thanks to the protective properties of paints and varnishes can the life of an outdoor decorative structure be extended.

Let's watch a video on how to make an arch out of wood with your own hands:

Photo of garden arches, options for classic designs

A wooden arch is a classic garden decoration option. The naturalness of the material allows the design to be combined with any botanical species.

Also, a wooden arch is in harmony with garden benches, tables, gazebos. Designed within the framework of one concept, the products form an original stylish ensemble.

To make your garden arch made of wood more interesting, you can use side flower boxes. In this case, it is important to plant botanical species that will match the color and shape of the leaves:

Among the classical decorations, the most monumental are the arches with a pronounced domed top.

Exclusive arches made of wood materials

In addition to classic designs, you can decorate your garden with more original fruits of craftsmanship.

Less available materials and richer imagination will be needed to make them, but the results will be worth it. Just look at the ponderous beauty of the arch made of wooden logs:

Of course, a metal base is needed to support such a structure. However, if you want to make your site a local landmark, you can weld the fittings necessary to support the woodpile.

An arch woven from a vine looks very fashionable. Such a structure is a real highlight for lovers of rustic decoration.

Such work requires certain skills and perseverance. It should also be borne in mind that a lightweight design should not be overly burdened with climbing plants.

The wicker arch itself looks like a self-sufficient decoration.

A few bright floral blotches are enough to complete the image of a simple old Russian economy.

Roughly made construction from round timber at hand is an original work in a rustic style:

Such an arch should also not be completely hidden behind flowers. Guests and households will get more pleasure watching this seemingly simple support.

Let's watch a video about making a wicker arch:

Do-it-yourself arches for climbing plants

When making a decorative support for curly flowers, the most difficult part is making the upper rounded part.

To facilitate the solution of the problem, craftsmen use a semicircular plywood template as a visual reference. After the formation of the arches of the arch, transverse slats are nailed to them.

Side rails are stuffed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. This is done after installing the structure in the ground and concreting the supports.

Drawing of an arch for grapes, installation procedure

If an arch is needed for growing grapes, a flat overlap structure can be made. Thus, when harvesting, the owners do not have to climb too high. Such structures are also called pergolas. Their primary purpose is to protect the crossings from the scorching sun.

The role of the main protector is assigned to climbing plants: ivy, grapes, petunias. Thus, it is possible to combine business with pleasure, along the way growing delicious berries.

A drawing of a simple grape pergola looks like this:

  • The assembly should start from the top elements.
  • After installing the structure, for each support, you need to dig a hole with a depth of at least 70 cm.
  • That part of the support that will be underground is pre-treated with a special septic tank, tar or resin.
  • Then rubble is poured into the pits and the assembled structure is installed.
  • With the help of the level, the pergola is perfectly aligned.
  • Then the pits are concreted and transferred to the decorative finishing of the structure.

Plants for decoration

Most arched designs benefit significantly when decorated with climbing plants.

In addition to grapes, it can be climbing roses - flowers with an unusually bright, rich and abundant flowering. Wisteria, honeysuckle, clematis look more simple and cute.

You can make the arch monumental and "heavy" if you decorate it with ivy.

The arch frame can be used for vegetable crops: cucumbers, zucchini, zucchini, pumpkin, watermelon. With the help of lattice floors, you can grow any berry bushes in the form of trellises.

How to make an arch from a living tree

Some craftsmen successfully create natural arches from living trees. Of course, such work lasts more than one year. Axel Erlandson, a specialist from Sweden widely known in certain circles, has become famous all over the world for his living arch of two fused sycamore trees.

To grow such structures, gardeners weave branches of young seedlings. Also, to create original arbosculptures, they resort to grafting, pruning, splicing.

If you want to recreate something like that on your site, you should plant two identical flexible seedlings, intertwine their tops and observe.

In the process of splicing, you need to do corrective pruning.

Installing a decorative arch is an easy way to make your garden area more welcoming and inviting. Wood is the most suitable material for this.

A garden arch made of wood is easy to make with your own hands, without the help of professionals. The wooden arch successfully combines the functions of decorative decoration and support for plants grown in the form of trellises.