Tomato Pink honey - benefits and characteristics

Tomatoes appeared in our country during the time of Peter the Great and immediately won love and popularity among gardeners for their excellent taste and useful properties. It is not for nothing that the tomato was a favorite delicacy of Louis XIV, because its use increases masculine strength in moments of intimacy.


  • A bit of history
  • Tomato "Pink Honey" - the choice of gardeners
  • Growing methods
  • An important rule is temperature
  • Fertilizing correctly means getting a good harvest

A bit of history

Tomatoes contain tyramine, which is converted in the body into a substance called serotonin - the most powerful mood and stress stimulant. The low calorie content of tomatoes helps obese people lose weight. This fruit is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and the digestive system, as well as for salt deposition and kidney disease.

Tomatoes "Pink honey" - the choice of gardeners

The size and quality of the crop depends on which variety of tomatoes will be chosen. In order to choose the right variety of tomatoes for planting, it is very important to take into account the peculiarities of the climate, soil, and the desired quality of the product.

Of all varieties of tomatoes, "Pink Honey" is very popular among gardeners in the zone of risky agriculture due to its taste and numerous reviews of tomato lovers, who consider the variety of tomatoes "Pink Honey" one of the most delicious. Fruits are large, pink-fruited, round-heart-shaped, fleshy. The taste is delicate and sweet, ideal for salads.

On the first hands, the mass of the fetus reaches one and a half kilograms, but since more than two fruits are tied on the hand, their weight is less. Plant height reaches one meter in greenhouse conditions. It is a vigorous plant with few foliage. The stepchildren who produce the plant are advised to pinch to increase the number of fruits. The mid-ripening period is about 111 - 115 days. Tomatoes "Pink honey" from the collection "Siberian Garden" are resistant to diseases and cracking.

Usually, when planting, gardeners change crops in places for the next year so that the plants do not draw out the same nutrients and the soil does not become impoverished. Therefore, "Pink Honey" grows more effectively after radishes, carrots, leafy, legumes, garlic, onions, cabbage, leeks, winter wheat.

It is not recommended to plant tomatoes after vegetables of the nightshade family, eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers.

Growing methods

In the middle lane, it is recommended to grow these fruits:

  • in a greenhouse;
  • in a greenhouse;
  • in limited containers;
  • with landing in open ground;
  • on bales of straw or bags of soil;
  • under temporary shelters.

Since the climate in the northern zones is cold, it is recommended to grow tomatoes using seedlings, this will help eliminate unnecessary risk. Seedlings are planted in sterilized vessels. After the seedlings grow up, they are planted in protected ground.

The manufacturer claims that "Pink Honey" tomatoes are resistant to growing even on saline soils.

An important rule is temperature

Not only pink honey tomatoes, but also some other garden crops are very sensitive to heat. If the plant lacks heat, then the fruits, as a rule, set poorly, in small quantities and have a small mass. The most comfortable temperature for seed germination is twenty-five degrees Celsius. When the temperature drops to 15 degrees Celsius, both fruit setting and flowering are suspended.

After a while, the plant will begin to be damaged by various diseases. The most unpleasant of them is "late blight", when already grown large fruits, both ripe and green, are covered with black "rust" from below and become unsuitable for human consumption.

When the temperature drops to 10 degrees Celsius, the plant stops growing, and at a temperature of three degrees, most likely it will simply die.

The heat is also harmful to the plant. If the temperature rises above 35 degrees Celsius, then the process of pollination will stop, and therefore the setting of fruits. But pink honey tomatoes are considered drought-resistant, so excess moisture can destroy the plant.

Fertilizing correctly means improving the yield

Fertilization is a very important factor affecting the quantity and quality of fruit ripening. So, if the vegetative system of the plant grows, it means there is an excess of nitrogen fertilizers in the soil. This negatively affects the ripening of the fruit.

On the contrary, if the tomatoes "Pink Honey" are fed with potassium and phosphorus, the ripening of the fruits becomes faster and the tomatoes themselves are tastier.

Gardeners use special growth stimulants to accelerate seed germination. It also has a beneficial effect on disease resistance and good fruit set growth.

So by choosing the right way to care for the plant, the necessary fertilizers, the degree of light and temperature conditions, gardeners can hope for a good harvest that will delight his whole family.

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