Planting tomato seedlings in the ground: what you need to know

Planting tomato seedlings in the ground is no less a crucial moment than sowing seedlings. Tomatoes can be planted both in a greenhouse or a film, and in open soil.

It should be clarified that temporary shelters or greenhouses contribute to earlier ripening of fruits (by 2-3 weeks) and a significantly higher yield of early varieties of tomatoes. The plot for tomatoes should be located on a well-ventilated, sunny side. And even better if on it in the past year grew root crops (with the exception of potatoes) or legumes. It is not advisable to use damp soil with a high content of groundwater for the tomato plot.

The soil for tomatoes must be prepared in advance. A week before planting, apply a hot solution of copper sulfate (about 80 degrees) to the site for the purpose of treating pests. Only after that, fertilize with organic and mineral fertilizers. For 1 sq. m. add 10 kg of humus, 50 - 70 g of superphosphate and half a bucket of wood ash. Then the site is dug up.

Planting tomato seedlings in the ground should take place when the seedlings have reached a height of at least 25 cm and have a developed root system. Tomatoes are planted in separate holes, first it is better to pour a little water there, and then put the seedling.

The soil around the plant should be tightly and thoroughly squeezed and sprinkled with dry earth on top. Immediately after planting, take care of the tomato pegs, about 50 cm tall (depending on the growth of the variety).

Planting tomato seedlings should be carried out in cloudy weather or in the evening.

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