APCS and instrumentation - automation

ACS TP is an automated process control system. Typically, such solutions represent a centralized management system for all processes of the organization.
In an automated process control system, there is a possibility of division into separate functions and implies the direct important participation of a person in all processes.
Control systems can be divided into:
- ACS (automatic control systems);
- SCADA (dispatch control and data collection systems);
- DCS (Distributed Control Systems).
Typically, such systems operate from operator control of production processes, accompanied by one or more control panels. Industrial networks in this case serve as the connecting link of all operations.

Instrumentation is the receipt of information by devices about all industries by measuring temperatures, costs, levels (i.e. parameters).
These devices include:
- Measuring devices;
- Primary converters.
The second includes devices that signal, show, self-report, and then transmit the results obtained to secondary devices.
Measuring devices mainly work in conjunction with secondary or regulating devices, these are sensors and transducers. Devices are called secondary if the devices can receive and process the information transmitted by the primary collection. Such devices can be recording, combined and indicating.
The installation of secondary systems is carried out in places protected from the effects of vibration and electromagnetic fields.
The need for automated process control systems and instrumentation is obvious for large industrial enterprises. The systems are updated individually for each organization and depends on the possibility of material costs and the need for various devices.

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