What to do if lemon leaves have fallen, causes and methods of their elimination

Lemon has long ceased to be that exotic plant that is difficult to find and place on your windowsill.

Despite this, the tree comes from warm countries and can seem moody. The plant is very sensitive to improper care, so it is important to know, for example, what to do if lemon leaves have fallen, how to help the plant.


  1. Why do lemon leaves turn yellow and fall
  2. Why do lemon leaves curl?
  3. Why indoor lemon leaves green leaves
  4. What to do if all the leaves of a lemon have fallen

Why do lemon leaves turn yellow and fall

Since lemon is a rather capricious plant, it is sensitive to any changes in care. If suddenly the tree begins to shed yellowed leaves, it is important not to be negligent about it.

A similar problem can arise for various reasons.

CauseProblemHow to fix the situation
Pest attacksUsually insects feed on the sap of the leaves, which provokes their yellowing.To fix the problem, it is recommended to treat the plant with a special solution.
Diseases viral, hummocky, infectiousIt is almost impossible to cureIf the plant was struck by the disease, it is recommended to get rid of it as soon as possible in order to protect other flowers
Lack of lightingThe homeland of this tree is the solar latitudes of China and India, in our area it may lack lightTo fix this, it is recommended not only to place the pot on a sunny windowsill, but also provide additional lighting with a fluorescent lamp.
Lack of moisture in the airThe optimum moisture content is 70%.To achieve the required indicators, it is enough to spray the plant twice a day.
Lack of nutrientsOne of the most common problems. Often, the appearance of small yellow spots signals a lack of nitrogen, and the general lightening of the tone of the plate indicates a lack of iron.The introduction of complex fertilizers will help to fix this problem.
Non-compliance with watering rulesIt is important here not to allow an excess, or a lack of moisture, which are equally poorly infused on the tree.The lack of moisture can be corrected quite simply by increasing the amount of water that is used for irrigation. But waterlogging is almost impossible to fix.
Sudden changes in temperature and draftsThe optimum temperature for lemon is +14 +27 C. Temperatures above or below these indicators can be fatal for itTemperatures higher or lower than these values ​​can become destructive.

Regardless of the reason, a change in the color of the leaf blades is evidence of a deterioration in the well-being of the plant.

If you do not pay attention to this in a timely manner, there is a danger of simply ruining the flower.

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Why do lemon leaves curl?

The reasons why the leaves of a previously healthy plant suddenly begin to curl resemble those that cause yellowing.

The main factors that affect this include:

  • Failure to comply with the rules of care, which includes improper watering. In no case should you water the lemon with cold tap water, it must definitely settle. It is important to remember that in summer, especially on hot days, the plant needs to be watered much more often than in winter;
  • Excessively dry air is a common winter problem that can cause leaf blades to curl. To prevent this, it is recommended to place a container of water near the pot;
  • Lack of fresh air - in the warm season, it is recommended to take lemon outside every day. In this case, it is important that he does not fall into a draft;
  • Spider mite infestation is a known pest of indoor plants. You can determine the infection by the characteristic cobwebs that appear at the bottom of the twisted leaf. To fix the problem, you can use insecticides such as actellic or fitoverm. It is important to take into account that if you do not process the tree in time, the ticks will continue to multiply and simply destroy it;
  • Aphid infestation - small greenish pests that live on the lower part of the leaves, where they feed on sap. They differ in the speed of reproduction, therefore, when infested with these pests, there is no time to waste. It is recommended to treat the lemon with dichlorvos or phytoverm as soon as possible, until the parasites have moved to other plants;
  • Mineral starvation. You can understand which element is missing by the corresponding signs. If young leaves curl and lose color with the death of shoots, there is not enough calcium. If the plates between the veins begin to fade and the leaf becomes variegated, there is not enough magnesium. At a normal frequency of watering, the leaves begin to curl and wither, young shoots fall off, veins expand and transparent spots form - a lack of boron. If the leaf blades increase in size, bend in an arc with darkening of the color, there is a lack of copper. In especially severe cases of copper starvation, the leaves can lighten to the point that it will be possible to clearly trace the vein pattern on it.

Leaf curling, like yellowing, is a rather annoying problem that signals that the lemon is not feeling well. Depending on the cause of the development of the pathology, it is recommended to take appropriate measures as soon as possible.

Why indoor lemon leaves green leaves

The falling of outwardly healthy green leaves looks no less strange and unpleasant. It would seem that the plant does not look sick.

In this case, the problem may be:

  • Insufficient watering - if the tree does not have enough moisture, it can shed excess leaves to reduce water consumption;
  • Waterlogging is a particularly dangerous phenomenon that can lead to root decay and complete death of the plant;
  • An excess of applied fertilizers, which also negatively affects the condition of the lemon;
  • A sharp drop in temperature - in this case, the complete fall of all the foliage will not be surprising;
  • A change of location or transplantation into a new pot is a temporary phenomenon characteristic of the adaptation period.

The main reason for the deterioration of the well-being of the tree is improper care, which is important to consider. Quite moody, this plant requires special care conditions.

What to do if all the leaves of a lemon have fallen

First of all, it is recommended to determine the reason for the development of this problem. It is quite possible that solving it is quite simple, just by eliminating the annoying factor.

So, if the reason lies in improper care, lack of lighting or watering, these problems should be corrected.

If the reason for the complete flight is associated with damage by harmful insects, it is worth treating the plant with an appropriate insecticide as soon as possible. This will help not only save the lemon, but also prevent other flowers from spreading the problem.

If the cause is a disease, it is worth getting rid of the affected plant as soon as possible. It is almost impossible to cure him, but to destroy others with him is quite real.

Before deciding how to fix the problem, it is important to determine what its essence is. This is the only way to achieve the maximum effect.

Lemon leaf fall can be associated with improper care, change of scenery, pest damage or disease.

Depending on the nature of the problem, it is recommended to select an appropriate method for its elimination.

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