Rose Gebruder Grimm, variety features, planting and care rules, reviews

The active development of selection has significantly enriched the choice of seedlings for gardeners. One of the notable varieties in terms of resistance is the Gebruder Grimm rose.

Remarkable for a number of indicators, it will be a profitable addition to any garden.


  1. Rose Gebruder Grimm: plant description
  2. Features of the variety, what is attractive
  3. Where is it better to plant, how to care
  4. Reviews of gardeners about the variety of roses Gebruder Grimm

Rose Gebruder Grimm: plant description

The variety was bred by German breeders back in 2002 and saw the light of day in the “Fabulous Roses” series. Translated from German, the name of roses sounds like the Brothers Grimm and the flower fully justifies this sonorous name.

This persistent and beautiful plant differs in the following indicators:

  • Shrub height - up to 90 cm, with abundant flowering;
  • It perfectly tolerates temperature fluctuations from cold snap to warming;
  • The aroma is subtle, unobtrusive and very delicate. Perfect for connoisseurs of light aromas;
  • The flowers are lush, wavy edges provide a terry effect. The flower can change color from reddish-yellowish at the beginning of flowering to crimson at the end of the season. Flowering continues throughout the summer, the breaks are almost imperceptible, outwardly it seems that the bush is constantly showered with large, up to 11 cm in diameter, flowers;
  • One stem can have one flower at a time or 3-5 buds at once, collected in inflorescences. The buds are dense and strong, do not stray in the rain;
  • The leaves of the bushes are dark green, glossy and shiny, densely cover the branches;
  • Refers to high varieties, which is important to consider when planting, thick in shape.

An amazingly beautiful and delicate flower will become a real pearl of the garden. Abundant flowering, delicate and delicate aroma, high durability cannot but interest both a beginner and an experienced gardener.

Features of the variety, what is attractive

The attractiveness of the Gebruder Grimm variety is due not only to the amazing beauty of the shrub, but also to the varietal characteristics.

Average cold resistanceThe bush tolerates the winter temperature drop well, but it is recommended to cover it for the winter. In addition, when choosing a landing site, it is recommended to select an area where cold air does not stagnate.
Heat resistanceIt tolerates a sharp increase in temperature, although the lack of additional moisture can negatively affect the abundance of flowering
Resistance to diseases and pest attacksIt is noteworthy that even aphids, which often annoy gardeners, cannot greatly harm the flower. The latter is due to the fact that rosebuds quickly harden and parasites cannot damage them.

The Brothers Grimm variety will delight any gardener with a high level of resistance to heat, cold and disease.

It is traditionally believed that roses are very capricious plants that a novice gardener cannot grow, but this variety refutes this idea.

We suggest watching a video about a wonderful plant:

Where is it better to plant, how to care

For the speed of growth and development of any plant, it is important to adhere to the rules of planting and care.

So, when planting a shrub, it is recommended:

  • Prepare the substrate in advance - light, rich in humus, characterized by good air and water permeability;
  • When planting, it is recommended not to forget about the distance between the bushes, so you should not plant more than four plants per square meter;
  • When planting, it is important to ensure that the grafting site (where all the shoots grow from) is a few centimeters under the soil;
  • Planting areas should be well lit and protected from drafts that could harm the flower.

After the bush grows, it is important not to forget about it.

Like other roses, Gebruder Grimm needs care:

  • In the spring, it is recommended to apply nitrogenous fertilizers;
  • Before flowering, the rose needs organic fertilizing, after that - universal mineral fertilizers, you can use "Kemira";
  • Despite the fact that the variety is quite persistent, it is recommended to treat the bushes without fail for prophylaxis. To do this, you can use "Fufanon", "Commander", "Confidor" or other drugs, depending on the disease and the pest.

The rose is used both as single plantings and as group ensembles, it can be found in flower beds or in small gardens.

Despite the fact that the rose is unpretentious, you should not forget that this is a plant and it needs some care, for which it will thank you with lush flowering.

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Reviews of gardeners about the variety of roses Gebruder Grimm

The abundant flowering of the variety was rightly appreciated by many gardeners, adding this handsome man to the collection of roses. So, lovers of green spaces celebrate fur flowers and abundant flowering.

Many aesthetes note the beauty of a subtle, barely perceptible aroma, which does not clog other smells, but brings pleasure. It is combined with beautiful terry petals.

The main feature of the variety is not deprived of attention - its incredible vitality and resistance. So it is impossible not to be amazed at how easily the plant tolerates cold snaps, heat and attacks of harmful insects that harm other roses.

Among the negative reviews, there are comments that the bush is too voluminous. However, this may depend on taste. In addition, some note that the flowers, despite the abundance of flowering, quickly crumble.

The Brothers Grimm variety, despite several shortcomings, attracts attention. Bright and persistent, it will decorate any planting.

The Gebruder Grimm variety compares favorably with its congeners by its durability and abundant flowering. The first will significantly reduce the number of problems in care, the second will delight any esthete.

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