How to transplant a dollar tree correctly, how to care for it

The popularly known "dollar tree" has the scientific name zamioculcas. It is believed that this plant attracts wealth and good luck to the house.

It will take some effort to keep the tree strong and healthy. We propose to figure out together how to properly transplant a dollar tree and how to care for it.


  • How to transplant a dollar tree correctly
  • What kind of pot is needed for a dollar tree
  • Zamiokulkas transplant in autumn, optimal transplantation time
  • Reproduction of the dollar tree
  • How to save a dollar tree from disease
  • Signs associated with the dollar tree

How to transplant a dollar tree correctly

Zamioculcas is very popular not only due to the fame of good omen. In addition to the opportunity to get rich, flower growers like the dollar tree for its unpretentiousness.

To grow a beautiful plant at home, the owners do not have to create special climatic conditions. However, some procedures still require attention, and the question of how to properly transplant a dollar tree is one of the most important.

An adult dollar tree should be replanted no more than once every 2-4 years. Attention should be paid to the degree of development of the plant's tubers. If the flower has grown and barely fits in the pot, then it’s time to start “relocating” it.

Yellowed leaves may also indicate the need for transplantation.

Some growers use soft plastic pots, which begin to swell if the root system of the zamioculcus becomes cramped. Young plants require annual replanting.

It should be noted right away that a recently transplanted dollar tree may stop growing at first. This is normal, since the strength of the plant is aimed at adapting the root system to the new substrate.

Zamiokulkas juice is poisonous, so the transplant is carried out in garden gloves.

The overgrown bush is taken out of the pot with a large clod of earth on the rhizome and in this form is placed in a more spacious pot. This method of transplanting (with soil on the tubers) is called transshipment.

Keeping the plant lightly in weight, you need to simultaneously pour fresh substrate into the container. Therefore, it is more convenient to transplant zamiokulkas together. It is very important to leave the top tubers of the plant slightly exposed.

We watch a video about transplanting a dollar tree:

What kind of pot is needed for a dollar tree

Plastic pots are not the best option for a dollar tree. An actively developing root system causes its walls to swell. If you miss the moment of transplanting, the container may crack under the pressure of the tubers, and the plant will be difficult to remove without damaging the roots.

It is best to plant zamiokulkas in a ceramic or clay container. For each subsequent transplant, a larger pot is needed. The width of the planting container should be slightly larger than the flower tubers.

The most suitable soil for the dollar tree is humus based on peat, turf, leafy earth and sand. It is imperative to place drainage in the pot - crushed stone, expanded clay, gravel or special plastic filler. Drainage should be 25% of the soil composition.

Zamiokulkas transplant in autumn, optimal transplantation time

Most often, flower growers transplant a dollar tree in March-April, when warm sunny days are established. During this period, plants are viable and easily adapt to a new environment.

However, if the flower appeared in the house in a different season, the procedure can be carried out in late autumn.

The harm from cramped containers and store soil oversaturated with peat is a sufficient reason for the procedure at this time of year. Florists believe that the autumn transplant of zamiokulkas does not cause the plant the slightest discomfort.

Reproduction of the dollar tree

To propagate the dollar tree, 3 methods are used.

Tuber divisionDuring transplantation, the rhizome of an adult plant is neatly separated and seated in different pots.
CuttingsIt is necessary to cut off a branch with a bud and at least one leaf. The stem should be shortened a little, sprinkled with activated charcoal and dried for several hours. Then the cutting is placed in a pot of mineral-enriched substrate and watered daily. After 2-4 weeks, the stem will take root, after which it should be transplanted
Planting a leafLong and not always successful way. It is required to take several sheets and place them on the surface of a substrate or peat enriched with minerals. The soil should be constantly moistened. Good lighting is also essential for success. Florists recommend covering the leaves with plastic wrap or glass, creating the effect of a greenhouse. Tuber formation using this propagation method can take several months.

Let's watch a video about the reproduction of the dollar tree:

How to save a dollar tree from disease

By acceptance, the monetary well-being of the owners directly depends on the state of the home dollar tree. For this reason, you need to take special care of the flower. Preventing problems is much easier than dealing with their consequences.

For the comfortable growth of zamiokulkas, it is necessary to control the following factors.

Watering and humidityThe dollar tree loves high humidity and does not tolerate excessive watering. If a flower stands above a central heating battery, you should often spray its leaves from a spray bottle
Temperature regimeZamioculcas is sensitive to temperature changes. In a room where indoor plants are located, sharp fluctuations in the thermometer should be avoided;
drafts - from blowing cold air, the foliage of the zamiokulkas can turn yellow
LightingIf the shape of the plant becomes elongated, and the color of the stem is faded, then the zamiokulkas does not have enough light. You need to rearrange the pot to a brighter place, and the problem will be solved.

Spots on the leaves and top tubers of the flower signal the need for replanting. Fungus can cause yellow-brown spots on leaves and stems.

For treatment, the plant must be treated with antifungal drugs. Faded spots are the consequences of sunburn.

By themselves, they are not dangerous, however, even if you rearrange the plant to another place, the foliage will remain spotty.

Signs associated with the dollar tree

Many different signs are associated with zamiokulkas. The list of the most famous and effective ones is as follows:

  • if the zamioculcas in the woman's house has blossomed, then soon she will find happiness in her personal life;
  • In order for the plant to attract as much money into the house as possible, its magnetism should be increased with a one dollar bill. It is attached to the plant in any convenient way;
  • buying a plant for your home in order to attract wealth is a bad idea. The dollar tree "works" only if it was presented;
  • to attract more money into the house, the plant should be watered with "special" water. Several coins are put into the liquid for irrigation for 1 day and water is “insisted” on money. For the same purpose, a 1 cent coin is hidden under the pot of zamiokulkas;
  • according to the teachings of "feng shui" zamioculcas will bring maximum benefit if the pot with the plant is placed in the money sector - the southeastern part of the room.

To believe or not to believe in the amazing ability of the dollar tree to attract wealth is everyone's own business.

In any case, a well-groomed and beautiful plant will be an excellent decor element for any room. To do this, it is enough to provide him with proper care and timely transplant.

Watch the video: How to properly transplant young tree saplings into larger pots (January 2022).