Ripening tomatoes at home, collection rules and storage methods

The need to accelerate the ripening of tomatoes at home arises with a sharp drop in temperature and heavy rains in August. Under such conditions, the normal ripening of tomatoes becomes impossible, since with systematic showers, tomatoes can destroy late blight.


  1. Rules for picking tomatoes for ripening
  2. How to shoot green tomatoes correctly
  3. Is it possible to ripen tomatoes at home
  4. Ways of ripening tomatoes at home
  5. How to speed up the ripening of plucked tomatoes

Rules for picking tomatoes for ripening

When picking, it is important to pay attention to the color of the tomato and its size, depending on which the level of ripeness also differs.

So, there are three types of coloring:

  • Red, orange or pink, depending on the variety - ripe;
  • Blange (yellowish red);
  • Green both in color and in essence.

If the fruit has already grown to a fixed varietal size, and you can see seeds in the cut, you can pick it.

Tomatoes that are too small should not be touched, they will not ripen at home.

In addition to the size, it is recommended to pay attention to the condition of the tomato. So, it is strictly forbidden to send damaged ones for maturation. The rot and disease that hit them can move to the rest and completely destroy the entire harvest.

Correctly conducted selection is the key to a successful outcome of the entire event. If the green fruits are ready in all respects and have no visible damage, they are suitable for picking.

How to shoot green tomatoes correctly

Before moving on to the question of how to make green tomatoes red, it is worth paying attention to one more aspect. It is important not only to follow the rules for selecting tomatoes for picking, but also to properly separate them from the bush.

So it is recommended:

  • Remove tomatoes as they ripen, checking the bushes every three to five days. You should not delay with this, since overripe tomatoes are not suitable for long-term storage, they are only suitable for direct consumption;
  • Harvesting is best done in the morning in dry weather. It is worth removing the fruits together with the stalk, cutting it off with sharp scissors. It is important not to accidentally cut the skin when collecting, as this can lead to subsequent decay, which will destroy not only the damaged tomato, but also those that are in the immediate vicinity;
  • After collection, it is imperative to sort out the fruits again, check for damage and disease. Even the smallest scratches and foul spots must be discarded;
  • To prevent the formation of late blight, the already selected fruits are recommended to be immersed in hot water for a few minutes, and then thoroughly wiped. The high temperature will help kill any fungal spores that may have gotten onto the skin.

It is important to remember that all tomatoes must be removed before the night temperature drops below five degrees.

If it was not possible to harvest the crop before the first frost, such fruits are suitable only for immediate consumption, they are not suitable for ripening and storage.

Is it possible to ripen tomatoes at home

Ripening tomatoes at home is a possible and widespread practice. Previously, in order for green fruits to ripen, they were placed in felt boots and sent to a warm and dark place. And now they still use this method, replacing felt boots with a warm wool shawl, or a jacket, but there are also more modern methods that are worth paying attention to.

In addition, tomatoes, along with apples, are sometimes placed in a saucepan or paper bag. The fruits also leave ethylene, which the apples secrete, activates the ripening processes.

The main thing is that, having wondered how to store tomatoes so that they are ripe, not come to the decision to put them in plastic or a refrigerator. This impedes oxygen supply and can lead to mold and decay.

Let's watch a video on how to slow down and speed up the ripening of tomatoes:

Ways of ripening tomatoes at home

From the methods suggested in the table, you can choose any that is most suitable. It is in your conditions

Three main ways to ripen tomatoes
In a stackSuitable for large plantations. Bushes cut to the root are stacked so that the tops are located towards the center. The height of the stack should not exceed sixty centimeters, it is recommended to insulate it with straw mats, the maintained temperature should not be less than 15 C. The stack is checked every two days.
On the bushesthis method requires a large warm room where you need to hang the dug out bushes. It is necessary to place the roots upwards so that the nutrients go to the top, thereby provoking the activation of reddening of the tomatoes. If it is not possible to hang, the bushes can be dug in the room, systematically moistening the root.
Traditionalafter picking tomatoes, they are put in baskets or boxes in several layers. It is important to consider where to put the tomatoes to ripen, as too cold or damp room can ruin the harvest. In order to prevent this from happening, it is better to put the fruits sprinkled with sawdust and laid in boxes in a dark, warm place. To prevent tomatoes from starting to rot, it is important to systematically check them and remove those that turn red.

For a small farm, the traditional method is quite suitable. The method of activating ripening on piles and bushes is recommended for large harvest volumes.

How to speed up the ripening of plucked tomatoes

There are many options for speeding up the ripening of plucked tomatoes. One of the best ways is to place it in a warm place, and if it is a blange type fruit, also in the world. The sills of the southern windows are considered the best place for them.

However, it is important to remember that you should not arrange blange tapa and green tomatoes in one place. A pre-graded crop will bring more value.

After the tomatoes are laid out, you can:

  • Put in one container with green tomatoes - red, several ripe apples. The ethylene released by them activates the ripening processes;
  • Inject 0.5 ml of alcohol into each fetus with an ordinary syringe. It is better to make an injection in the area of ​​the stalk in order to minimize damage to the skin;
  • Cover the green fruits with a red cloth; according to many experienced gardeners, the red color promotes early ripening.

These methods will help speed up the ripening process of the harvested crop. When selecting, it is important to take into account that all fruits should be approximately the same size and ripeness.

Damaged and diseased tomatoes are not suitable for any of the artificial ripening methods.

Ripening tomatoes at home is not only a common but also a very important practice. In the case of a cool summer or harsh climatic conditions, only this helps to save the harvest.

And some more useful tips, watch the video:

Watch the video: টমট সরবছর সরকষণ ট পদধতhow to store tomatoসআর বছর টমট সরকষণ পদধত (December 2021).