Viburnum garden

Viburnum garden has many advantages. In addition to the fact that this shrub will be an excellent decoration for your site, its fruits will be able to provide your body with all the necessary nutrients all year round.

The viburnum bush is compact, in height it can reach up to three meters. Planting viburnum seedlings will not be difficult. The main thing here is to ensure good watering and a close relative of honeysuckle will delight you from May to June with a lush snow-white, pinkish or yellowish flowering, and a little later, clusters with juicy scarlet berries will begin to ripen on the bushes.

Special attention should be paid to viburnum leaves. They are beautiful for their variety of colors that change with the season. Viburnum garden dresses up in foliage, painted in green, scarlet, purple, burgundy and yellow. It is noteworthy that on one bush all these colors are present at the same time, creating an extraordinary flavor.

For a long time, viburnum berries have been considered a natural supplier of vitamins such as tocopherol and provitamin A. If fresh berries are rubbed with sugar, then all the beneficial substances of the viburnum will remain intact for a long time. This bittersweet medicine is recommended for coughs, colds, vitamin deficiencies, high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

If you regularly use viburnum berries, then you can, without additional efforts, keep the body in good shape and ensure its natural resistance to the effects of various external factors.

When growing garden viburnum, it should be remembered that the plant is vulnerable to aphids and other leaf-eating pests. Regular and timely treatment of the bushes with special means will help to avoid this trouble.

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