Early curly strawberries as a myth

It is believed that curly strawberries do not exist as a variety. Strawberries have tendrils, and what does this term mean - curly?

What is a curly strawberry

This variety blooms and bears fruit for a long period - from May to October. For example, it is a natural immunomodulator. The body receives a helper who copes with many diseases. How to care for strawberries?

  • The variety is not picky about light;
  • It can grow well in an apartment;
  • You can grow it in pots by placing them simply on the windowsill, balcony;
  • During the so-called growing season, you can see that many tendrils grow from the pots, where new rosettes are formed. They bloom and bear fruit for several seasons in a row.

To grow the variety, 80 strawberry bushes are planted per 1 square meter. They are capable of producing 12-14 kg of berries. It is necessary to attach the strawberry antennae to the supports. Pyramids of 1.5-2 m are obtained. Often, pyramids are created with the help of tires.

The curly strawberry variety has been compared to the early Dutch strawberry varieties. Among them is the Sun Princess. It produces large, bright red fruits - berries. The Tsar's crown is an elite variety, the fruits are like apples. It is nevertheless necessary to remember that the vine is usually twisted. The variety is very convenient to place in the garden, as it takes up less space. And curly strawberries, after all, are a completely different variety.

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