The benefits of wild garlic

Ramson is a perennial plant from the onion family. This plant tastes like garlic.

The benefits of wild garlic are vitamins and nutrients that make up its composition. These are carotene, vitamin C, phytoncides, essential oil, lysozyme. The benefits of wild garlic are realized in lowering blood cholesterol levels, improving digestion, and stimulating the heart. Ramson quickly allows you to get rid of spring fatigue, feelings of drowsiness, bowel disorders, high blood pressure. Ramson is able to purify the blood.

But wild garlic cannot be abused, since in large doses it can cause an exacerbation of ulcers, headache, insomnia, and diarrhea may appear. The norm of wild garlic per day should not exceed 15 or 20 large leaves.

Ramson appears in early spring. It is used in cooking; wild garlic tastes like garlic. Leaves of wild garlic are more popular; they are best eaten raw in appetizers and salads. Ramson can also be used in soups and main dishes. Ramson perfectly complements sauces, it goes well with sour cream and cottage cheese. Ramson is frozen or canned in various variations - pickled, salted, fermented. Fresh wild garlic can be stored for up to 4 days.

To restore the body after winter, wild garlic is excellent, as it is an early greenery and contains vitamins and useful nutrients.

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