How to process strawberries before planting in spring

In order to get a high and high-quality strawberry harvest in the summer, you need to take the time in spring and provide the berry with proper care. Then loosen the ground and water the bushes and make organic approvals.

For those who decide to plant strawberry bushes in the spring, you should pay attention to the correct choice of a site for a berry. A well-chosen place will allow you to get a good harvest and help to avoid freezing of the bushes in winter. The best option for this crop is a plot with a southwestern slope. Strawberries love light soil: podzolized black soil, dark gray forest soils, medium and light in composition.

The soil for planting strawberries is prepared in advance, it can be treated against weeds and pests. For this, chemicals are used. The soil must be harrowed and cultivated.

Before processing strawberries before planting, the seedlings are placed for 2-3 days in a dark, cool place. Add organic and mineral fertilizers to the soil, if there is a need (long absence of precipitation), moisten the site. To protect the root system of strawberries from pests and diseases, you need to know how to process strawberries before planting. The best option is a fungicide - insecticidal mixture, which can be purchased at any flower shop.

Strawberries are a moisture-loving plant, so they should be planted in moist but not wet soil. The dates of spring planting of berries are the earliest - the end of March - April.

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