Gasoline lawn mower, advantages, rating, best models

Before purchasing a gasoline powered lawnmower, you need to thoroughly study the ranking of the best devices. Determine the most suitable model, carefully study its design features, technical characteristics.

The best lawn mowers are devices with internal combustion engines, in other words - gasoline. In addition, using them for mowing wet or damp grass is completely safe.

The article will tell you about the types of lawn mowers, features, advantages, and give some tips on how to make the right choice.


  1. Benefits of Gasoline Lawn Mowers
  2. Types of gasoline lawn mowers
  3. Which is better: front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive
  4. How to choose
  5. Selection based on external features
  6. Features of some models

Benefits of Gasoline Lawn Mowers

The main competitors of gasoline are lawn mowers powered by an electric drive.

In relation to them, gasoline ones have a lot of advantages:

  • costs are reduced due to the use of AI 92 or AI 95 gasoline;
  • have high maneuverability and mobility;
  • have a high efficiency factor;
  • able to work for a long time without overheating;
  • it is possible to adjust the cutting height;
  • ease of use;
  • allow you to process uneven areas;
  • reliable;
  • low consumption of gasoline;
  • functionality - they collect cut grass, mulch, dispose of cut vegetation.

Most self-propelled gasoline mowers with mulching function have low noise levels.

But, gasoline-powered lawn mowers also have disadvantages:

  • engine noise;
  • high cost of fuels and lubricants;
  • produce emissions that pollute the environment;
  • they are more likely to need repair and maintenance;
  • the design features of the engine do not allow work on uneven surfaces, with a slope greater than 25 degrees. In this case, the oil does not enter the lubrication channels of the rubbing elements, which leads to a malfunction of the unit.

Types of gasoline lawn mowers

There is a wide range of gasoline-powered mowing devices.

They are distinguished by some parameters.

By engine type:

  • household - used in areas that occupy up to eight acres of area. They have a motor resource of up to five hundred hours, they have a motor with a power of 5 or less horsepower;
  • semi-professional - for servicing lawns up to 18 acres, their motor resource is designed for up to seven hundred hours of continuous operation, and the installed engine power is up to 7 horsepower;
  • professional - easily mow grass from lawns of any size, motor resource up to 1000 hours of operation, power exceeds 7 horsepower.

Across the width of the cut grass:

  • 28-42 centimeters - designed for mowing lawns not exceeding an area of ​​8 acres;
  • 51-53 centimeters - for use on lawns that take up space up to 18 acres.

By type of collection container:

  • with grass collectors made of fabric - they are equipped with powerful structures. They have good filling, but there are difficulties in clearing them from the cut grass;
  • with plastic grass collectors - easy to clean, but the container does not fill well;
  • with a combined container for cut grass - both plastic and fabric are used in their manufacture, they are easy to clean and have good filling.

By functional features:

  • the mowed greens are sent to the collection compartment. These types of mowers do not have the function of side discharge of the mowed green mass and mulching;
  • produce soil mulching with cut grass. It is subjected to finer shredding and scattered over the site. On such devices, the presence of a grass catcher and a plug is provided;
  • side discharge of cut greenery - used when working on lawns with large areas.

In addition, there are more expensive units, where all three options are provided.

By adjusting the height of the mowed grass:

  • individual - the presence of separate levers installed on each of the wheels, which allows you to adjust the cutting height on each side separately;
  • central - have one lever that controls the height of the cut grass;
  • screw - the simplest, but not quite convenient way. It is produced by manually moving the wheel shaft - from bottom to top and vice versa.

By type of movement:

  • self-propelled - equipped with a special device that allows the gasoline lawn mower to move around the lawn automatically;
  • not self-propelled - for their movement on the surface of the soil, the operator must make efforts.

By drive type:

  • front-wheel drive - have greater maneuverability, are used on relatively smooth surfaces;
  • rear-wheel drive - used when mowing greenery in hilly areas.
  • They have sufficient stability when driving uphill.

Which is better: front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive

The principle of operation of a gasoline mower practically does not differ from an electric one. Cutting off the green mass is carried out by rotating the metal cutting element.

The cutting height is adjusted by changing the position of the knife. The air flow that is generated during the rotation of the cutting element picks up the mowed grass and directs it to the grass catcher.

Due to the increased comfort when using, models with self-propelled qualities do not occupy the last places in the ratings of lawn mowers. The unit moves around the area thanks to the energy produced by the power unit and transferred to the knife and wheels. In this regard, the movement of the device does not require large physical costs. It is only necessary to set the correct direction of movement.

Most buyers are interested in: which lawn mower will be the best for a particular suburban area.

Self-propelled units have front or rear wheel drive.

Front-wheel drive models have a fairly high maneuverability. They are used for cutting areas with flat surfaces on which trees grow, flower beds are laid out, there are paved areas and sidewalks.

RWD models are ideal for mowing hilly terrain. They are wonderful for mowing greens on lawns with difficult terrain, that is, with bumps and pits or an inclined surface.

How to choose

Various models equipped with gasoline engines have a fairly high performance. The large engine power provides a high efficiency rate.

The design of modern lawn mowers is carefully thought out by manufacturers. Now it is possible to install a powerful engine on a moving platform, which made it possible to remove the load from the operator. Now he doesn't have to carry the device.

A wide range of improved models makes it possible to buy a lawn mower at a suitable price, but also to choose a machine that meets the needs of the buyer regarding quality and functions performed.

Selection based on external features

To select the optimal model, you need to rely simultaneously on several parameters, which are basic. First of all, it is necessary to decide what the body should be made of.

Models with a plastic case will be cheaper and lighter, but experts recommend paying attention to models with metal cases. Because they have sufficient strength, because knives moving at high speeds from the ground can lift various objects that can harm the body.

The best option is an aluminum case. It provides lightness of construction, is not subject to corrosion and is resistant to mechanical damage.

The location of the wheels in the structure depends on the specific model and its manufacturer. They increase the maneuverability of the unit and facilitate its movement over the surface of the site. The width of the wheels plays an important role, the wider they are, the less damage they cause to the lawn.

Pay attention to the diameter of the wheels. Tall grass is easier to mow if the machine has large wheels. If you are constantly mowing the lawn, this parameter does not really matter.

If you need a low-power unit, you need to pay special attention to the container for collecting green mass. It should be plastic - this will make it convenient to release it from the mowed mass.

The most convenient lawn mowers have folding rubberized handles. This makes them easier to transport and helps to reduce the transmission of vibration that comes from the engine.

Convenient when the cutting height is adjusted using the center lever. Thanks to this, the lawn will be flat over the entire area of ​​the site.

It is also important to be attentive to the cutting element. It should be sharp and wide enough. This improves the mowing quality.

The best option is when the wheels of a gasoline mower are not on plastic bushings, but on bearings. This increases the resistance to wear and tear.

Engine power is the main criterion. The purchased mower must have a certain margin of engine power. This will allow you to treat the surface of the lawn in all weather conditions.

Please note that part of the power of self-propelled devices goes to the wheels for their movement. This must be taken into account.

We have compiled a small top of our own petrol-powered lawn mowers that were in demand in 2017 and we advise you to give preference to the products of these manufacturers: Honda, Hitachi, Craftsman, Viking, MTD, Stihl, Husqvarma, Stiga, Makita.

In addition, I would like to remind you once again that the unit needs to change the oil on time, sharpen the knives. Thanks to this, it will serve faithfully for a long time.

Features of some models

When purchasing expensive equipment, they want to be confident in the reliability of the product. This prompts them to carefully study the responses about different models and their manufacturers. The most closely studied is the possibility of operation in different conditions, the efficiency and its working capabilities.

We offer you to consider the characteristics of several gasoline lawn mowers included in our rating in 2017.

Husqvarna LC 153S

The products of this manufacturer are in high demand among summer residents. These devices are quite expensive.

Lawnmower Husqvarna LC 153S equipped with a gasoline engine. It is robust, reliable, versatile and able to handle large lawns. The structure is equipped with a wide high-strength steel deck. The manufacturer has installed ergonomic handles for operator comfort, allowing the grip to be comfortable and secure.

This machine is equipped with Trio Clip, central adjustment of the cutting height, robust wheels with bearings.

The powerful engine has an easy start system.

The cut greens are collected in a special container that is large enough. Thanks to this, the unit can be used for a long time without interruption, which contributes to the extension of the work process.

The central location of the cutting height adjustment lever makes this operation easy and effortless. This model has a three-stage cutting system. This will help to decorate the lawn.

Honda HRG 415C3 SDE

The lawn mower of this model, which is equipped with a gasoline engine, is in high demand among consumers. The main advantage of this model is its quiet operation.

Model HRG 415C3 SDE has:

  • steel body;
  • voluminous fabric grass catcher;
  • the design of the model is ergonomic and practical;
  • almost silent operation of the power unit;
  • mulching function.

The model has a four-stroke engine that runs almost silently, equipped with an easy-start system. The air damper provides a quick start of the power unit, which operates in automatic mode.

In addition, the low noise figure is due to the special shape of the body and knives. This helps to reduce noise by almost two decibels.

Viking MV 6 RH

Durability and high maneuverability are the main strengths of this model. Tall grass is not a problem for this device. Rear wheels of large diameter facilitate movement on the surface of the lawn.

The design is equipped with a mechanism that provides free travel, which is designed to rotate around its own axis.

With this model, the operator can take advantage of individual settings, which greatly facilitates his work. The machine is equipped with a central cutting height control system.

The mower is equipped with a disc-type knife. It is convenient to use and reliable enough. There are three cutting blades on the disc; when they hit a solid object, they swing back. This helps protect the crankshaft from mechanical damage.

Let's watch a video with useful tips for choosing a lawn mower:

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