Crimean onion - useful properties, features of the variety, planting and care

Yalta onion, another name for Crimean, is a variety that rightfully occupies one of the first places in the rating of the most popular varieties among buyers. Its main value lies in the unusually juicy pulp and in the absence of bitterness, which is observed in almost all other varieties.

Yalta onions are of particular concern to gardeners because they can be grown directly on the garden plot. Agronomists, in turn, argue that you can get a delicious fortified vegetable through cultivation, but with the obligatory fulfillment of the necessary conditions.


  1. Yalta onion - benefits
  2. Yalta onion - how to distinguish, features of the variety
  3. How to grow Yalta onions

Yalta onion useful properties

Yalta onion has a red color, beautiful shape and a high percentage of juiciness in relation to other varieties. The variety is obtained by crossing the Portuguese and Spanish varieties.

The bred variety is famous for its rich presence:

  • vitamins and minerals
  • antioxidants and phytoncides

The product is considered very dietary, contains a large amount of vitamin C, and also surprises with the minimum presence of sugar in the composition. It is better to eat Yalta onions raw.

Even after a five-minute heat treatment, all trace elements and vitamin C, including, will be destroyed.

It is also worth noting that the component allicin, which contributes to the destruction of cancers, is contained in the Yalta onion in a minimal amount, in comparison, for example, with onions.

Due to the fact that there is no bitterness in the Yalta variety, it can be consumed in its raw form in much larger quantities than onion. This contributes to the fact that the human body can get much more useful trace elements and vitamins.

All therapists strongly advise to eat onions as often as possible and thereby strengthen the immune system.

The Crimean variety contains active components that:

  • have a good vasodilator effect
  • also help lower blood pressure
  • reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular disorders.

A distinctive feature of the Crimean variety can also be called the ability to significantly lower blood cholesterol.

Yalta onion how to distinguish, features of the variety

It is possible to grow a real Yalta onion only in certain regions of Crimea. Only there the weather conditions and the microelements with which the soil is saturated make it possible to obtain onions, the taste of which does not give a sensation of bitterness.

Growing this variety in another area almost never gives a similar result. It is quite difficult to find a real Yalta product on the shelves.

The problem arises due to the existence of several dozen, similar in appearance, varieties and due to dishonest merchants offering their goods under the Yalta brand.

When choosing a quality product, the buyer should first of all rely on the following signs:

  • color - should be saturated, even and as close as possible to a dark burgundy shade
  • the form - at first glance, in comparison with other varieties, the root system is too flattened - should be, as it were, drawn directly into the bulb itself.

You should also ask the seller to cut the onion in half and examine the cut yourself. On the cut of a real Yalta onion, thick scales should be clearly visible, rather densely located one next to one.

Moreover, their color should be exclusively white, and the edging of each of the scales should have a slight purple tint. The number of scales should not be more than seven pieces. You should also pay attention to the smell that appears when cutting.

It shouldn't be too harsh. When cutting the onion, tearing of the eyes should not appear, and its taste should surprise with its sweetness.

A striking feature of this variety is considered to be a very short shelf life - a maximum of four months. Full ripening of such onions does not occur until mid-August - early September.

It is better to store the purchased quality product in a suspended state, in a cool, dark place, while the bulbs must be woven into braids. Storing food in the refrigerator is likely to spoil it quickly.

How to grow Yalta onions

It is quite possible to grow this variety on a personal plot. But, this process will require certain physical costs, a careful study of special literature on growing and of course the time required for growing.

Getting a sweet and high-quality product does not always happen. Sometimes summer residents need several years to study in detail all the nuances of growing onions. Growing on the site is best done through seedlings.

Sowing and growing seedlings

Its growing season reaches 160 days. Planting seeds in open ground will not bring good results. First of all, the ripening period will significantly increase, and secondly, the taste will deteriorate and, consequently, bitterness will appear.

Seed preparation, in order to obtain good seedlings in the future, should begin in the last decade of February. Initially, the nigella is carefully sorted out, then soaked in an average strength of potassium permanganate solution and a special composition to stimulate growth for a maximum of half an hour.

After the specified time has elapsed, the planting material should be dried. Sowing takes place in a container with specially prepared soil. The soil for seedlings should have a loose consistency and contain all the necessary nutrients.

The prepared seeds are placed in the soil approximately 1 cm deep, while the distance between each of the seeds should not be less than 2 cm.

Containers with crops are watered, covered with polyethylene and placed in a specially prepared place, the average temperature in which ranges from 20 to 25 oС. The seed containers must remain in the same location and temperature conditions until emergence.

After about twenty days, the appearance of the first shoots can be observed. During this period of plant development, it needs a cooler temperature. Therefore, it is better to place boxes with developing seedlings in a cooler place, where the average temperature will not be lower than 16 and above 20 degrees. This climate change will help prevent the seedlings from being lifted up.

Landing in the ground

In the last decade of May, already significantly grown seedlings can be planted in open, pre-prepared soil. A place with sufficient sunlight and no drafts is suitable for this.

Experienced agronomists claim that Yalta onions will feel as comfortable as possible only in rocky soil. Such a land composition does not allow the bulb to deepen.

Since the bulb develops practically on the surface and receives a sufficient amount of solar heat every day, its growth rate increases significantly, and the head itself receives a sufficient amount of useful elements, which in turn has a good effect on the taste of the grown product.

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