DIY birdhouses for birds, drawings and diagrams, assembly procedure

We are always happy with the onset of spring, the first warmth and sunny weather. And the most important spring messengers are rightfully considered starlings, which return from warm countries in March.

It is difficult to imagine the first months of spring without their characteristic clicky singing. And in order to listen to beautiful songs for a longer time, admire the black shiny birds, and also protect your site from harmful insects, it is best to try and build a dwelling for southern guests with your own hands.


  1. How to make birdhouses with your own hands, what drawings to use?
  2. Design features of a birdhouse for starlings
  3. Materials for building birdhouses
  4. How to make a classic birdhouse out of wood?
  5. How to make a plywood birdhouse
  6. DIY birdhouse from scrap materials

How to make birdhouses with your own hands, what drawings to use?

The birdhouse is a closed nesting place made by man not only for small songbirds, but also for exterminators of harmful insects.

It must meet the most important requirements:

  • Be closed from prying eyes.
  • Strength.
  • The reliability of the entire structure and its fastening.
  • The inner walls should not be perfectly flat, the chicks need to train, climb the rough walls. This will help them get on the wing faster.
  • Should keep warm very well, as it is important for chicks to be protected from sudden drops in temperature.
  • No cracks and holes. Heat dissipates very quickly through the holes and moisture can enter.
  • They choose a sound-permeable material, but not to such an extent that the squeak of the offspring is very clearly heard, but also so that the birds hear the danger in the form of a creeping predator in time.

The structure itself is an elongated cavity, usually made of wood, with a removable roof and a closed bottom. There is a special hole under the cover - a tap hole. It is necessary for free penetration into the nest.

The removable cover is useful for annual inspection, garbage collection and removal of unwanted tenants of the "house". Assembling the house does not take much time and is quite simple technologically, even a schoolchild can cope with this task. But before you get to work, be sure to decide what kind of bird will live in the "house" you have built.

Design features of a birdhouse for starlings

The traditional shape is rectangular, but you can make it oval, round and in other various shapes. The body can be made and assembled from boards or some other materials, or it will be chipped entirely from a log, such structures are called nest boxes.

The size of the starling house is 25-40 cm in height, the entrance has a diameter of 3-6 cm and is cut, stepping back about 6 cm from the roof. The roof is made slightly protruding above the entrance in order to protect against bad weather conditions and crampons. The diameter of the nesting chamber (cavity inside) is made in sizes from 10x10 to 15x19 cm.

Near the "entrance" to the bird's dwelling, a landing site or a small pole is made for the parents of the chicks. They do not make a nesting chamber too large and spacious - it should be convenient for the chicks to climb towards the parents arriving with food, and the female will be able to lay more eggs in such a space, but it will not work to feed everyone, the chicks will simply die or grow painful and weak.

The place where you are going to install the made "house" is also important, it should be such a place that is inaccessible to predators and at the same time with a good view. It is important for the male starling to attract the female with his singing and immediately show his "apartments".

In addition to assembling the dwelling itself, it is important to install it in its final place.

The best place and method of attachment is:

  • the location of the house at a height of about 3 meters, this will provide the birds with safety and tranquility;
  • the notch is located on the south side so that cold winds do not blow in;
  • installation near vegetable gardens and orchards will help growers get helpers for pest control;
  • the house, after fixing, should be inclined slightly forward. This position is the most convenient for the bird to get out of the nest.

Materials for building birdhouses

From the selected source material for the construction of the structure depends, in most cases, whether the birds will settle in the made "house", or ignore it.

The best options are:

Edged boards made of deciduous trees 25-30 mm thick. The main rule is that they cannot be planed.

Long-aged coniferous boards, so that there is no obvious coniferous smell and resin, you can even use previously used boards, the thickness of the boards is 20-30 mm.

But plywood is of little use for assembly because of its ability to muffle sounds and easily give off warmth from the nest, fiberboard, chipboard are not at all suitable. They release phenol vapors, which can easily kill an entire brood of chicks.

Artificial building boards using phenolic compounds are unsuitable for the same reason. And MDF boards could do, but they are very sensitive to moisture, quickly swell and soften.

How to make a classic birdhouse out of wood

The assembly is performed in the following order:

  • blanks are made;
  • on the front part, a notch is made using a drill or a crown, a notch is attached, and a six is ‚Äč‚Äčinstalled in the drilled hole. If the boards are planed, the inner surface of the facade is well "rough";
  • collect the nesting chamber. They take the bottom, and the side walls, front and back, are glued to it;
  • carefully inspect the structure, if it is uneven, level it as long as the glue allows, and tightly wrap it with a tourniquet so that the glue sets faster;
  • dry the resulting box vertically, after putting a plastic wrap under it;
  • when the glue is completely dry, they additionally fasten the entire box with self-tapping screws, 2 pieces on each side;
  • using a blank for the roof, try it on, inspect it, if necessary, cut it off so that the roof sits tightly on the box;
  • the lining of the roof itself is glued with liquid glue, the roof is installed. Carefully supporting the overlay with your hand, fit the roof into place;
  • as soon as the glue dries, the roof and the lining are fastened with small 3-4 nails or self-tapping screws.

It is best to take PVA glue for glue seams, it is moisture resistant, inexpensive, plastic and airtight.

Plywood birdhouse construction

If you didn't have anything else at hand but plywood, it is also suitable for birds to build a house.

To work you will need:

  • Plywood.
  • Hammer (screwdriver).
  • Hacksaw for wood.
  • Drill with drills.

The sequence of work is not much different from the standard ones:

  • Transfer the drawings of each part to a sheet of plywood.
  • We cut all the necessary parts with a jigsaw.
  • Sand each cut line properly.
  • For the screws that you will use, drill holes of the required diameter in advance.
  • Assemble the entire structure: first the walls, and then attach the bottom and roof to them.
  • Putty the caps of the self-tapping screws to create an attractive appearance.
  • Attach a timber to the back wall for securing the house.

What materials at hand are suitable for building a birdhouse

Often they are made from what any family always has. Such houses can be made by parents together with their children, decorate them, install and admire little songbirds.

Materials can be very diverse and sometimes unexpected.


Available to everyone, you can protect it from getting wet by varnishing. Cardboard is used for its intended purpose and to decorate the garden area. For manufacturing, you need to draw sketches of parts, carefully cut them out, you can glue them with PVA glue. Then paint with acrylics with your child and hang in the yard or park. Such a bird house will last the season.

Cardboard boxes are the easiest option. How to make a birdhouse out of the box? Find a box that is suitable for the parameters, cut out a notch in it, think over how to fix the roof on the box. And can be decorated and installed on wood.

Plastic bottles

The most common material from which it is easy and simple to make a home for starlings. It is difficult to make a mistake with plastic when making a birdhouse from a bottle, since the shape of the structure has already been determined.

To do this, you need a container of 1.5 liters or more. You need to make a hole in it. The sharp edges are wrapped with tape so as not to injure the birds. The bottle is sometimes shortened, adding brightness and comfort: wrapped with twine, painted with paints.

The main thing is to securely attach to the support so that the light material does not sway in the wind.


Craftsmen who know how to work with vine branches and how to weave them correctly can easily build an excellent bird house with their own hands. They turn out to be original, natural and like the starlings.

Wine corks

It will not be possible to collect such material quickly, and making a birdhouse will also turn out to be not an easy, but interesting task. Such designs look very impressive.

Old shoes

Even an ordinary boot with a hole made in it, suitable in size and equipped with all the requirements, can become a home for birds.

Some pumpkin varieties are suitable for drying. They are harvested in the autumn, remove all the pulp and listen.

Previously, birds, and starlings, including, had to look for a home and equip it themselves, but now many are happy to make unusual birdhouses and all kinds of materials with their own hands and install them in their plots, in parks and gardens.

As you can see, building a real home for starlings with your own hands will not require a lot of labor and material resources from you, just follow the instructions, make the right drawing and reliably install your creation.

The process of making a birdhouse can easily unite the older and younger generations, instill in a child a love of nature and teach him how to take care of animals.

We hope that you have received a lot of useful information on the topic of making birdhouses. You can study in more detail the technology of work performance when watching the video:

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