How to grow cucumber seedlings? Easily!

For an early harvest of cucumbers in our strip, it is better to grow them through seedlings. That is, the sowing of seeds should be somewhere in the middle of April.

How to grow cucumber seedlings?

- Since cucumbers are a very tender plant, it can hardly tolerate a transplant, it is better to grow seedlings in individual cups with a maximum of two seeds.

- Three days before planting, the seeds must be wetted and put in a damp cloth in a warm place, about 30 degrees and make sure that the cloth does not dry out.

- When the roots reach three mm, the seeds must be planted.

- For sowing seeds, you need to use a mixture of garden soil, peat, clean peat will not work, it will dry out in the soil, and a little sand.

- Fill the cups with earth, without compaction, water and leave for a couple of hours in a warm place.

- Seeds should be planted to a depth of one and a half cm, covered with foil and taken to a warm place.

- Remove the tape after four days.

- The place where the seedlings stand should be well lit, it should be watered moderately and with warm water, when the second leaf appears, the room temperature can be reduced to 20 and increased watering.

- After the seedlings grow, the cups need to be arranged so that they cannot shade each other.

And a few more tips: before growing cucumber seedlings, think over the room in which you will grow it, it is desirable that the temperature is regulated there from twenty to thirty degrees. The temperature should not be allowed to fall below 16 degrees and rise above thirty.

The room should have good natural light and ventilation.

Before planting, you need to harden the seedlings, hold them for a couple of days at seventeen degrees.

Plant seedlings that have three to six good leaves.

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