Growing Exhibitive onions using seeds

There are many varieties of onions. The cultivation of Exibition onions is possible using the seedling method or using seeds.

The seedling method is longer and more complex, therefore it is rarely used. But even an amateur gardener can handle the seeds. Since sowing should start in April, you can start preparing seeds in late February or early March. It's easy to cook them. First you need to prepare a liquid paste and mix it with fertilizer. Then the mixture is applied using a syringe or other device on toilet paper, previously cut lengthwise into three strips.

In order for the cultivation of Exhibichen onions to be productive, it is necessary to apply drops of the mixture at a distance of five centimeters. Then, in these drops, you should carefully put the seed with tweezers, from which the bulb will grow in the future. Then we wait for the paste to dry and carefully fold the resulting ribbons.

When the time is right, you need to plant the seeds in fertile soil to a depth of 1.5 cm. In order for the bulb to be large, you should not remove the feather for salads. Water and weed regularly. The crop should be harvested after about 130 days. Moreover, if you overexpose the onions in the ground, then the bulbs will be unsuitable for storage. Knowing these features, it will be quite easy to grow Exhibitive onions.

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