How to keep dill fresh in the refrigerator: the most popular ways

Dill is a fairly popular spice in our country. It is widely used not only for the preparation of various dishes, but also for the treatment of various diseases. That is why most housewives have a question: how to keep dill fresh? This can be done if certain rules are followed.


  • Useful properties of dill
  • How to harvest dill correctly?
  • Methods for preparing fresh dill
  • How to keep dill fresh?

Useful properties of dill

Dill is widely used in folk medicine, which is explained by the presence of a large number of useful properties:

  1. Due to the presence of an easily digestible form of iron in the composition of the spice, the activation of the processes of hematopoiesis in the body is ensured.
  2. During the period of taking dill, there is an activation of the formation of enzymes that are participants in the digestive process.
  3. Dill is characterized by a choleretic effect. It also has disinfecting properties in the digestive and genitourinary system.
  4. Thanks to the strengthening effect, the normal performance of the heart and blood vessels is ensured.
  5. It is recommended to take dill for women during the period of breastfeeding of newborn babies, since its action is aimed at improving the quality of milk.

The plant is characterized by the presence of anti-inflammatory effect, and also promotes the acceleration of wounds and abrasions. Due to the presence of a large number of useful properties, it is possible to use dill for the treatment of various diseases.

How to harvest dill correctly?

The collection of dill is carried out in accordance with the purposes for which it will be used in the future. If dill is required for culinary use, it must be harvested before the flower stalks form. In this case, the spice must be cut with a kitchen knife at the base of the root system. Harvesting after germination is carried out after 35-50 days.

The cut greens can be dried. To speed up this process, it is recommended to pre-cut it. If it becomes necessary to collect technical dill, which is used for salting, it is collected in the intermediate period - from flowering to seed ripening. The dill is cut and bunches are formed from it, which must be suspended for drying.
Harvesting should be done in sunny weather for maximum storage efficiency.

Methods for preparing fresh dill

Dill can be harvested using various methods. In most cases, the old grandmother's methods are used - salting and drying. You can also store the spice in the refrigerator or freezer. Since dill loses moisture very quickly, it is very easy to dry it. To do this, divide the spice into portions and tie it into bunches.

They are hung in a dry place protected from direct sunlight. You can also cut up the spice and dry it on a newspaper. Some people use the oven to dry the spice. To preserve the color and smell of the spice, it is recommended to salt it. Fresh herbs are chopped with a knife and mixed with salt.

After that, it must be placed in a container and tamped tightly. Dill can be stored using this method for a year.

Lovers of versatile flavors can pickle the spice. For this purpose, juicy greens are used, which are characterized by the absence of umbrellas and stems. Raw materials must be put in jars, filled with marinade and rolled up. Due to the presence of several methods for preserving dill, it is possible to choose the most optimal option for the hostess.

How to keep dill fresh?

Thanks to modern household appliances, it is possible to keep fresh dill. If a refrigerator is used for this purpose, the spice will retain its properties for three weeks. Greens must be pre-washed and dried. After that, it is recommended to place it in sealed plastic bags.

The benefits of dill on video:

Also for this purpose, the use of containers is allowed. With the help of this spice, you can cook not only hot dishes, but also salads. In order to avoid the appearance of condensation in bags or containers, it is recommended to dry it thoroughly before placing the dill in them. To this end, the greens are laid out on paper napkins until the drops are completely dry.

It is necessary to store the spice in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-6 degrees. In order to keep fresh herbs, it is recommended to place them in water. In this case, the dill is covered with plastic wrap. Dill is often stored in the freezer. Most housewives pre-cut the greens and put them in containers.

You can also freeze bunches of dill. When freezing dill, it is observed that it retains its taste, smell, as well as useful properties. You can decompose the dill in molds and pour water. This method allows you to use the spice for cooking hot meals.

If the dill was chopped with a blender to a puree state, then it does not need to be poured with water first, since it has its own juice. Dill belongs to the category of useful spices. Its storage can be carried out in various ways. In order to keep the spice fresh, it must be placed in the refrigerator.

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