The benefits of almonds and their effects on the body

Nuts are a source of many nutrients and substances for the body. Today, a representative of plums, is used not only in food, but also in cosmetology and medicine.


  • Almond composition
  • The benefits of the product for the body
  • Contraindications and use in traditional medicine
  • Potential harm and procurement process

Almond composition

The benefits of almonds are determined by their chemical composition. All useful and nutrients are located in the shell of the product, closer to the shell. Due to this, it is recommended to eat almonds together with the skin. The nut is a high-calorie product because it consists of 40-60% saturated fat, 30% essential oils and just under 1% essential oil.

Vitamins and nutrients in almonds. Vitamins E (natural antioxidant). Removes toxins, helps to maintain youth and beauty. After physical exertion, it actively helps to restore strength. Prevents the development of many diseases, including cancer.

On average, to saturate the body with vitamin E, it is enough to eat 15 g of nuts per day.

B vitamins (including B1). B1 - helps to cope with stress with increased mental stress, is a natural antidepressant. B2 - helps restore vital energy and eliminates sleep disturbances. B6 - helps to improve memory and brain activity.

B9 - copes with the increased excitability of the nervous system. Vitamin C. Its benefits cannot be overestimated: it slows down the aging process, increases immunity and protective functions of the body, etc.

The benefits of the product for the body

In addition, medical experts recommend almonds as an additional therapy:

  1. With heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  2. With diabetes mellitus. Almonds increase insulin sensitivity.
  3. In dietetics. Experts have appreciated the healing properties of the nut in their field.
  4. Helps to protect the gastric mucosa and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract in general.
  5. With depression. Helps restore mood.
  6. When fighting anemia. Increases hemoglobin and oxygenates the blood.
  7. For insomnia.
  8. In cosmetology, due to its high fat content, almonds have taken pride of place.

Contraindications and use in traditional medicine

Obese people should not eat almonds. Nuts in general can cause allergic reactions, so allergy-prone people should also avoid almonds.
Contraindicated in people with food digestion problems. Refuse to use if a pregnant woman has heart problems. Do not give almonds to babies.

Application in traditional medicine

In nature, the nut is divided into bitter (wild) and sweet (homemade). The useful properties of homemade almonds are lower than those of their counterparts, but in general, both of them can be used in treatment. Traditional medicine does not lag behind traditional medicine and actively uses almonds in treatment.

  1. Common, homemade walnut helps to strengthen eyesight.
  2. Cope with pleurisy, asthma, chronic cough will help almonds mixed with wheat starch.
  3. Hemoptysis and coughing helps to heal the crushed nut.
  4. Sweet almonds get rid of skin blemishes (sunburn, bruising, freckles). When mixed with wine, it helps to relieve hives and dandruff (topically).
  5. Honey and almonds can help relieve cold sores and creeping sores. Almonds, wine, and vinegar treat lichen.
  6. Pounded sweet homemade plum, mixed with sugar, is used to relieve: cough, anemia, headaches, insomnia, cramps and numbness of the limbs.
  7. When consumed with fresh peel, it cleans the stomach and increases the strength of the body.
  8. To treat diseases of urination and intestines, you can also use a fried product. And when added with sugar, it increases sperm production.

Video about the benefits and possible dangers of almonds:

Pressure sores, breast swelling, sprains, tinnitus and ear pains are treated with almond oil. It is also used to soften and nourish the skin.

Potential harm and procurement process

The harvesting process should be taken responsibly. If you collect an unripe nut, then when it enters the body, a cleavage reaction occurs and hydrocyanic acid is formed. When combined with potassium, it becomes a powerful poison (potassium cyanide). If you eat 20-30 unripe fruit, it will lead to severe poisoning.

Despite all its usefulness, almonds should be consumed in moderation. Although the product is useful, it is difficult for the stomach to process. As a result, stagnant processes in the gastrointestinal tract. Both sweet and bitter nuts are suitable for medicinal use. In addition to using the whole kernel of the fruit, gum, nut oil and the bark of the plant's root are used.

Both types of almonds must not be harvested before ripening. You can understand that the collection process has approached by the cracked pericarp. The outer pericarp is removed, the kernels are removed and dried in the sun. It can then be used to make oil.

It is used in medicine for the preparation of injection solutions of drugs. It is used as a base for ointments and emulsions. If you use almonds correctly, then it will help not only to raise your mood, but also to contribute to the health of the body.

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