Tomatoes mushroom basket: reviews and advice from experienced gardeners

Mushroom basket tomatoes have fruits of an unusual original shape. One vegetable can reach 350 grams, and in some cases even 500 grams.

Mushroom basket tomatoes are recommended to be grown both in the greenhouse and in the open field. They are satisfied with the yield and taste of the fruit, not the least factor is the unpretentiousness of the variety.


  • Mushroom basket: variety description
  • Growing features
  • How to care for tomatoes
  • The benefits of tomatoes

Mushroom basket: variety description

Tomato variety Mushroom basket is distinguished by its large fruits. Tomatoes grow on bushes that can be up to 2.5 meters high. The common trunk of the bush is thick and powerful. Up to four fruits ripen on one branch. The tomato has a slightly flattened shape and is large. Color - pinkish-red. The delicate pulp tastes good.

The fruits have a ribbed structure, as if they were collected from separate lobules. By slicing the tomato across, you can get a graceful flower. Therefore, tomatoes of this variety look good on the table, they can be used to decorate dishes.

The disadvantages of the variety include some dryness. Ripening of vegetables comes late. The ripening period is 120 days. The variety is characterized as high-yielding, up to 3 kg of tomatoes can be taken from one bush. The harvested fruits, under proper conditions, can be stored for a long time, they can also be easily transported without fear of deformation of vegetables.

Growing features

Subject to all the rules and regulations, tomatoes sprout very well. Experienced gardeners advise growing them in greenhouse conditions, but planting in open ground in regions with a warm climate is not excluded. In this case, the plants will have to be covered using a film or other covering material.

It is worth considering that the Mushroom basket is a thermophilic variety. The seeds are planted for seedlings in March. The soil should be loose, some sod and humus are added to it. The seeds are prepared in advance, they are pre-soaked. The seeds are placed at a depth of 2 cm; for successful germination, the temperature is maintained at +25 degrees.

The landings should be covered with foil. As soon as two true leaves appear, the sprouts are transplanted into separate cups. The growing period of seedlings in cups is about 60 days. Seedlings are planted in open ground at the end of May. Up to four bushes can grow on one square meter.

Tomatoes grow well in ridges where legumes, pumpkins or root vegetables previously grew. On the spot, potatoes grew and tomatoes are not recommended to be planted. The bushes reach large sizes and, despite the thick stem, they can break. Therefore, it is necessary to create special supporting structures in order to prevent deformation of the bush. The branches also need support.

How to care for tomatoes

The variety Mushroom basket is unpretentious. Even a novice gardener can handle the cultivation. And yet, there are some rules for caring for a plant, they must be followed in order to get a good harvest. Gardeners who have been growing the variety Mushroom basket for several years recommend:

  • for successful growth, it is necessary to create an optimal temperature, cold is destructive for this variety, but heat can also destroy tomatoes
  • tomatoes of this variety are not suitable for growing in a bucket
  • plants will need to be protected from top rot, for this they observe the irrigation regime, avoiding waterlogging
  • for the prevention of diseases, the bushes are treated with Bordeaux liquid
  • feeding is carried out with complex minerals
  • bushes are fed with ash to accelerate the ripening process

With the right approach to cultivation and care, you can expect amazing results.

The benefits of tomatoes

Tomatoes are not only tasty, but also a healthy product. The fruit is rich in carotene and contains lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. Also in vegetables there is a complex of vitamins: A, C, E, B, K, PP. Tomatoes contain useful trace elements - iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium. With their taste, tomatoes remain a low-calorie product.

Tomatoes Mushroom basket are good fresh. Salads and other dishes are prepared from them. But this variety is not suitable for canning. First of all, because the fruits are very large. In addition, the variety is notable for its knotty, Mushroom basket lacks juiciness. Cut fruits resembling flowers in their shape are very impressively blown away. Vegetables of this variety are ideal for serving and decorating the table.

Tomatoes of the Mushroom basket variety have an original appearance, which attracts the attention of those who decided to start growing these plants. Summer residents and gardeners who tried to grow tomatoes on their site get good yields. In their reviews, they recommend this type of vegetables and give advice on caring for it.

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