Growing tarragon (tarragon)

Tarragon or tarragon is a healthy perennial herb with a pleasant taste and aroma. Tarragon can grow in one place for about 6 years, its height reaches 1.5 meters.

There are two forms of tarragon, Russian and French, which differ in height, leaf appearance and essential oil content.

Despite their external differences, both forms of tarragon love loose and well-fertilized soil, as well as places well-lit by the sun.

Growing tarragon requires compliance with certain rules.
On the territory of Ukraine and Russia, this plant is usually propagated by rhizomes and cuttings. As a rule, cuttings are cut in spring up to 15 centimeters long and planted in a greenhouse or greenhouse in the soil, the temperature of which should be 13-18 degrees. Rhizomes are divided just before planting.

After the root suckers and cuttings are rooted, they are planted in rows in rows, while the distance in one row between the plants should be about 20 centimeters, and between the rows about 50 centimeters, the planting depth should reach 10 centimeters. Also, when planting, tarragon must be watered.

Basically, growing tarragon consists of watering, constantly killing weeds and loosening the soil between the rows. Fertilizers are introduced only from the second year.

In the first year of the tarragon's life, the greens are cut at the end of summer. And in subsequent years, cutting is done during the growing season as needed.

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