Rutabaga in the photo is a wonderful vegetable

Rutabaga is a high-yielding cabbage plant. And completely undeservedly and in vain.

Such a wonderful vegetable - rutabaga in the photo looks like a large radish or beet, has many properties that are useful not only for cooking, but also for medicinal purposes.

Rutabaga has a two-year growth cycle. In place of the flower, a pod with black seeds develops.

It is unpretentious in growing rutabaga, soil preparation and caring for this vegetable does not differ from the cultivation of other popular root crops. Rutabaga perfectly tolerates both hot, dry weather and frost, and its seeds sprout at a temperature of 1 ° C. Rutabaga is very fruitful, the largest rutabaga in the photo weighs 35 kg.

The taste of rutabaga is similar to turnip, but it certainly surpasses it in nutritional value. Rutabagas are used in stews, soups, vitamin salads, and also as an excellent filling for pies.

Do not forget about the medicinal and vitamin properties of this miracle vegetable. Due to the rather high calcium content, rutabagas are indispensable for patients with osteoporosis. Swede juice has wound healing, anti-burn, diuretic and laxative properties. Also useful for patients with atherosclerosis rutabagas.

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