Ideas for a country house: how to beautifully decorate a country house outside and inside

You can equip a house in the country without resorting to the services of designers. Interesting and original ideas for a house in the country will allow not only to harmoniously decorate the entire site, but also the interior space.


  • Interesting ideas in the design of a country house
  • Ideas for decorating a country house inside
  • Materials and tools for work
  • DIY pallet sofa: step by step instructions
  • Garden swing from pallets: stages of work

Interesting ideas in the design of a country house

Before you start planning a country house, you should choose a color scheme. The site is dominated by brown and green colors, so it is recommended to revive them. To this end, you can plant flowering plants, make original flower beds from scrap materials.

Next to the flower beds, you can install a bench made of a concrete block and wooden beams. In winter, the beams can be removed into the house. The flower garden can be supplemented with a homemade artificial reservoir from an old car or truck tire.

Old tires are great for a chair, a non-working TV can be used as a table. You can ennoble any country house with the help of an interestingly designed fence. Thus, the site will not only stand out against the background of other summer cottages, but also emphasize the taste of the owner of the house.

The sharpened boards on the fence can be easily turned into a set of colored pencils. You can change the appearance of the chain-link mesh using paints and various stencils. The brazier can be made from an iron barrel.

For outdoor seating, you can make a colorful hammock or sew large pillows for benches or wooden pallets. If there are wooden pallets, then beautiful and original furniture can be made of them. It can be a table, sofa, swing, bench. In addition, pallets can be used as a rack.

Ideas for decorating a country house inside

The interior space in the house can also be decorated in an original way, you just have to show your imagination. Various things and objects can act as decorative elements.

The painted step ladder can be used as a shelf for various small items. It can be made in the form of a clothes hanger. In a house, you can make a coffee table, bed, sofa and other furniture from wooden pallets.

The walls of a country house can be decorated with vinyl stickers, embroidered compositions, painted porcelain plates, etc. The above are the most common interior design ideas. You can show imagination and ingenuity and come up with something on your own.

Materials and tools for work

To create a bed or sofa from pallets, you will need pallets with a size of 120x100x12 cm. You can buy used pallets on the construction portal. Before proceeding to create beds from pallets, they need to be prepared.

Inspect the material for cracks or protruding nails. Pallets should be cleaned, sanded and washed thoroughly. To work, you will need tools that are used for processing wood:

  • Saw
  • Hacksaw
  • Jigsaw
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Screwdriver

In addition, you should prepare: nails, corners, furniture stapler, foam rubber and dense fabric for upholstery. In order for the future sofa to serve for a long time, it should be treated with a special moisture-repellent agent. This must be done if you plan to place a sofa made of pallets on the street.

DIY pallet sofa: step by step instructions

You can make a sofa yourself without a diagram if the owner of the summer cottage presents the big picture. When planning a structure of a more complex structure, then the drawing must be sketched. The main stages of work on creating a sofa from wooden pallets:

  1. Laying the base. There should be four pallets in the base. Two pallets are stacked face down and fastened with corners and boards. The remaining two pallets are connected in the same way. At this stage, immediately attach the wheels.
  2. Mounting the back of the sofa. One pallet must be cut in half. The sawn two parts are attached to the base with metal fasteners. The free space between the pallet boards can be filled with disassembled pallets. The back should be solid. If necessary, the joints can be coated with glue.
  3. Armrest manufacturing. To create the armrests, the pallet must be cut into 2 equal parts, the size of which will be 47x80 cm. They are fixed on the sides of the sofa.
  4. Manufacturing of boxes. At this stage, you will need plywood sheets. The height of the box will be the distance between the lower and upper pallets and you need to subtract 5 mm. The width and length will be equal to 37.5 cm. It is necessary to make blanks: 2 bottoms and 8 parts for the sides. All parts are connected with screws or glue. There may be more boxes, depending on the preference of the owners. Attach handles from the outside.

At the final stage, spread out large pillows on the sofa and you can enjoy your rest. Such an original sofa can be placed not only in the house itself, but also on the territory of the site in the gazebo.

Garden swing from pallets: stages of work

You can make a swing for children and adults from wooden pallets, you just have to show a little patience and invention. Most often, a structure is made in the form of a sofa or bed. It is suspended on a chain or ropes on the crossbars.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a garden swing

Installation of crossbars. They can be metal or wooden. The crossbar should be installed on a level and well-tamped area. For the supports, you need to make a recess in the ground about 50 cm. Pour concrete into the pit so that the structure is strengthened.

Seat assembly. After processing the wooden surface, you can start making the seat and back. Two pallets are fixed to each other at right angles. For reliability, it is advisable to fasten it with a metal corner. Armrest manufacturing. They will provide additional support for the seat and backrest. The armrests are made as described above. When the structure is completely ready, you can hang it.

After all the steps, the pillows should be laid out. They must match the dimensions of the backrest and seat. Perhaps the pillows will deform due to the gaps between the pallet boards, then a thick cloth or cardboard must be put in the base. Ties should be made at the four corners of the cushions to secure them to the seat.

30 best and useful ideas for decorating a summer cottage:

It is not difficult to create a bed or swing from pallets. You should be patient and show a little imagination.

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