Plasma seeds for a rich harvest

Plasma seeds appeared in Russia in the late 90s, but still not everyone knows what these seeds are and how they differ from ordinary seeds. Meanwhile, plasma seeds are distinguished by good germination, they are resistant to diseases. With the help of such planting material, you can grow a rich harvest.


  • Plasma seed treatment process
  • Plasma seed properties
  • Benefits of Plasma Seeds

Plasma seed treatment process

Plasma seed treatment has been known all over the world for decades. The purpose of plasma treatment of planting material is to improve the quality of seeds, their germination and yield. The seeds are exposed to plasma exposure using low temperatures, it should not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise the seeds will be damaged.

Plasma has a multicomponent action. During processing, the seeds go through the following stages:

  • passing through electric and magnetic fields
  • ultraviolet irradiation, this process stimulates the growth of seeds
  • ozonation

Plasma is cooled and seeds are processed using specially designed equipment. The planting material is passed through a reduced pressure atmosphere. No chemicals are used in this case.

It is an environmentally friendly process that stimulates the vitality that is contained in each seed, and this result is achieved, among other things, by loosening the surface of each seed and heating it.

When the grain is in the soil, it will begin to actively absorb moisture and nutrients, as a result of which it will quickly germinate. This effect lasts for two years, after which the seeds lose their acquired properties.

Plasma treatment technology is popular both in Russia and in the USA. Its results were tested in different regions of Russia: in Siberia, the Vologda region, St. Petersburg, where this technology was developed. Plasma-treated planting material grows actively in any climatic conditions, the plants are unpretentious and do not require additional care.

Plasma seed properties

The processed material has many advantages. The seeds do not need to be soaked before planting as they already have vitality activated. Plasma seeds can be planted directly into the soil.

Among other qualities, the following factors can be noted:

  • good germination, 15% more effective than conventional seeds;
  • high resistance to disease
  • absence of harmful microorganisms, since they were destroyed during processing
  • the ability to survive in adverse external conditions, for example, in a dry summer
  • improved nutritional value, grown crops will have a higher content of vitamins and nutrients
  • high yield

Plasma seeds are only slightly more expensive than regular seeds. Externally, seeds treated with plasma are almost indistinguishable from simple seeds. On closer examination, you can notice the difference in color, and the surface of the treated seeds is smoother.

Plasma planting material is purchased not only for growing garden crops. They are used for the cultivation of ornamental plants in landscape design. In any case, the resulting plants are distinguished by their ecological and biological value. As a result, plants of high quality, genetically safe will be obtained.

Benefits of Plasma Seeds

Plasma treatment is an environmentally friendly option for increasing yields. This technology allows you to achieve excellent results. Plants appear strong, with healthy, well-developed roots.

Plasma seeds have a high nutritional value. They contain more nutrients than those plants that were grown from conventional planting material:

  • 15% more proteins
  • the content of organic acids is about twice as high
  • a sufficient amount of ascorbic acid
  • useful microelements: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium - by 30%

Plasma seeds can be grown both in soil and hydroponically. Due to the fact that the seeds are well resistant to diseases and harmful insects, it is possible to reduce the use of herbicides, pesticides, insecticides. Plants grown from such seeds do not require special care and additional nutrition during their growth.

In specialized shops selling seeds, a wide range of plasma-treated planting material is presented. At the same time, the cost of a bag of seeds ranges from 15 to 50 rubles. In this way, good yields can be achieved in an economical and safe way.

Plasma seeds on video:

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