Fertilizing cucumbers in the greenhouse

Every summer resident and gardener tries to make every effort and do everything possible to get a good harvest that will warm the heart and delight the eye!

The most important requirement for a good harvest of cucumbers is proper feeding in the greenhouse. The first rule when feeding cucumbers in a greenhouse is to fertilize with small portions of organic fertilizers, since a cucumber is a vegetable that loves moderation in everything.

To obtain the desired yield, it is necessary to make the first top dressing even before the beginning of flowering. Azogran is the best fit (nitrogen is the best option and is very necessary during the growth period), or Vermistim. Top dressing can also be carried out with specially prepared liquid chicken manure.

During the period of the beginning of fruiting, feeding can also be done by means of the above. Subsequent dressings are carried out two weeks after the previous one, and ash and fermented grass can be used as fertilizer.

But if your cucumbers grow well and bear fruit, then you should not overdo it with dressing, you can limit yourself to one or two.

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