The medicinal properties of the fat woman and the use in traditional medicine

The fat woman, more popularly known as the "money tree", is often found in many houses and apartments. The reason for this popularity is simple - the plant always looks fresh and green, does not require special care, and at the same time perfectly greens the house.

Until recently, the fat woman was very popular because of the myth that this plant brings prosperity to the house, improves the well-being of its owners. Is this true - everyone will remain unconvinced. But many, having such a plant at home, do not even suspect about its medicinal properties. So, what diseases the fat woman will help get rid of, we will figure it out in the article.


  • Pharmacological properties of the plant
  • Contraindications for use
  • The use of the fat woman in traditional medicine

Pharmacological properties of the plant

The composition of the plant has not been thoroughly studied, and all that is known about it in modern medicine is that it contains traces of arsenic compounds. At the moment, the use of arsenic is strictly limited due to its toxicity and danger to life.

It is only used in medicine to kill a nerve if absolutely necessary. That is why you need to use the bastard for treatment with extreme caution.

But in the past, arsenic was treated a little easier, and was often used to treat certain ailments. Medicines with the addition of arsenic have been used to treat nervous diseases, epilepsy, and even to treat the gastrointestinal tract. But most often, arsenic was used to treat deep external wounds and the first signs of cancer.

Contraindications for use

As mentioned above, the plant contains small doses of arsenic, so the intake should be clearly limited to receptor doses. Even if the prepared drug did not have the expected effect, then in no case should you increase the dosage yourself.

But still, the use of arsenic as a medicine has more opponents than admirers. The problem is that the arsenic compounds that the plant contains tend to accumulate in the bone tissue and in the body as a whole.

This contributes to the appearance of intoxication and a large number of concomitant diseases. In addition to the high risk of poisoning with self-medication, do not forget about the usual intolerance or allergic reaction. Before using the drug, it is worth checking these factors.

The use of the fat woman in traditional medicine

Now let's talk about the beneficial properties of the "money tree" from traditional medicine. Most often it is used in such situations:

The fat woman is used as a remedy for external mechanical skin healing. To heal wounds and injuries, you need to crush fresh leaves into gruel, and apply to the wound as a compress. It is also a great way to quickly get rid of bruises and sprains.

This is a great remedy for fighting corns. To use, you need to pluck a few fresh leaves, and very carefully remove the transparent top film from their surface. It must be immediately applied to the corn and fixed with a bandage. It is better to do the procedure at night, and in a few days you will even forget about old calluses.

The juice squeezed out of the fresh leaves of the bastard will help to cope with the painful sensations of arthrosis and arthritis. The money tree has pronounced antiviral properties that will help you quickly cope with herpes rashes, sore throats, and dental problems.

Video on how to form a bastard plant:

For rinsing, squeeze the juice from 10 leaves of the plant, and dilute it with warm boiled water. But such manipulations can be done only after consulting a doctor. The fat woman is used as a remedy for hemorrhoids in the initial stage. To prepare the medicine, you need to squeeze out the juice of the sheets, and mix it with liquid petroleum jelly, to the state of an emulsion.

After that, take a tampon, saturate it with the resulting mixture, and insert it anally. Such manipulations are recommended to be done 2-3 times a day. After the tampon is installed, you should lie down for at least an hour.

Money tree remedies are often offered for varicose veins. In order to prepare a medicinal product, you need to take a small container, most often it is a cleanly washed jar, and fill it by one third with the crushed greens of the plant.

For this purpose, the leaves and stems of the fat woman are also suitable. Then fill the jar with high-quality vodka until it is full, and in a month the drug is ready for use. This alcoholic tincture is good for rubbing with back pain, muscle pain and pain associated with inflammation of the facial nerve.

As you can see from the article, such a simple and familiar houseplant as the bastard has a wide range of uses for the treatment or relief of ailments. It turns out that the money tree is not only pleasing to the eye with its appearance, but is also a home doctor when used correctly.

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