Build a bathhouse in the country with your own hands: how to choose a material and a place for construction

A bathhouse in the country is a great place to strengthen your health and rest with a company. You can entrust the construction of such a building to professionals, or you can save money and build a bathhouse on your own. To implement this idea, you should clearly follow the stages of work.


  • Construction of a bath in the country: choice of material
  • Placing a bath on plots: nuances
  • Highlights when building a bath
  • Materials and tools for work
  • Step-by-step instructions for building a bath in the country

Construction of a bath in the country: choice of material

The material for the construction of a bath can be brick or wood. The choice of material should be approached responsibly. It must be reliable and durable. Most often, a bath is built of wood. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, distinguished by its aesthetics, low thermal conductivity and durability.

Of deciduous wood species, aspen and linden are especially popular. Oak as a material for the construction of a bath is used extremely rarely due to its high cost. Conifers are also suitable for the construction of a bath: pine, spruce, larch, cedar.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Conifers are highly resistant. In addition, they contain natural antiseptics that slow down the processes of wood destruction, which cannot be said about deciduous species.

Placing a bath on plots: nuances

Before you start building a bathhouse, you need to choose a place for the future construction. It is not recommended to build a bath near water bodies and a well, as the structure may be flooded. It is also undesirable to erect a structure next to a field or road. Dust will constantly enter the room.

To save space, materials and energy savings, an extension can be made to the living space. It is best to place the bath in the backyard and on the south side. It is necessary to think over the ventilation system so that unpleasant smells from the bath do not spoil the rest.

So that there are no disagreements with neighbors, it is better to build a bathhouse away from the fence with a neighbor's house. Subject to these recommendations, the building will be easy to use and will last a long time.

Highlights when building a bath

You should first make the layout of the interior. Usually, the building has a steam room, a dressing room, a washing room and a rest room, but you can change the layout and draw a bath scheme yourself. If you plan to build a bathhouse for 2-3 people, then the optimal size of the structure is 10 m2.

It is important to create a visual diagram of the components of the bath, namely: foundation, roof, floor, ceiling, etc. The height should be at least 2 meters. At a low room height, it will be uncomfortable. It should be remembered that the doors of the building should face the south side, and the windows - the west.

The threshold in the bath should be high to reduce heat loss. For the arrangement of the bath inside, you should not use resinous woods, such as conifers. The construction of a bathhouse should be started only in spring or summer, because the wooden material should dry well. Otherwise, the structure will not last long.

The foundation for the bath: which one to choose

The frame construction is light, so a strip or strip-column foundation can be used for construction. It is poured along the entire perimeter of the structure. It is advisable to use this type of foundation when building a bath from bricks or blocks.

For frame baths or made of logs, beams, you can use columnar, tape (up to 7 cm) or pile. The service life of the building depends on the correctly chosen foundation, so it must correspond to the landscape, the weight of the structure.

Materials and tools for work

For a bath with a size of 3.7x3.7, you will need the following materials for work:

  • Bars or logs
  • Floor boards (about 25 pieces, size 150x50mm)
  • Lining (about 38 pcs. 20 mm thick and 100 mm wide)
  • Interior boards (195 pieces, 3 m long)
  • Vapor barrier film (52 ​​sq.m.)
  • Minvata (14 sq.m.)
  • Waterproofing material (45 sq.m.)
  • Sheet asbestos
  • Sand
  • Crushed stone
  • Cement
  • Roofing material

Video about building a bath with your own hands:

Sheet asbestos is used to insulate a wooden structure from overheating. It is laid on the walls near the stove. What tools need to be prepared for the construction of a bath? The list of required tools is presented below:

  • Building level
  • Chainsaw
  • Perforator
  • Screwdriver
  • Jigsaw
  • Tapor
  • Plane
  • Construction stapler
  • Hacksaw
  • Clamps
  • File

After preparing the tools and materials, you can start building the bath.

Step-by-step instructions for building a bath in the country

The process of erecting a building is laborious and complex. When building a bath in a suburban area, you should adhere to the following stages of work.

Site preparation. The area for the bath must be cleaned of debris and the soil must be prepared. Next, dig a hole under the foundation with a depth of about 1-1.5 meters. Erection of the foundation. To fill the strip foundation, you should dig a trench, make a cushion of gravel and sand. Next, prepare the reinforcement material.

Mount the formwork in the trench, which should protrude no more than 20-30 cm above the ground surface. Then concrete mortar is poured and allowed to harden for several days.

Walling. Before building a bath from a bar, wooden elements should be treated with an antiseptic. This will prevent rotting, damage and spontaneous combustion. To fasten the frame, it is necessary to tie the piles. The bars are attached with staples or corners.

The joints in the corners can be joined "in a bowl", ie. with the exit of the logs beyond the perimeter of the walls. Another method of joining "in the paw" - the edges of the logs are processed and given the shape of the tail.

The strapping of vertical posts is made with slats. At this stage, between the logs, an inter-crown insulation is necessarily laid. It will protect the structure from precipitation and cold.

Roof erection. This stage begins after the construction of the walls of the bath. First, the roof base is assembled and the rafters are installed, and after that the sheathing is installed. Next, the roof is made. As materials, you can use slate or shingles.

Floor device. To reduce energy consumption, the basement must be insulated with mineral wool. After that, install the sewer pipes and fill with concrete. Cover the rest of the base with expanded clay. Then install the waterproofing and cover with boards.

Sheathing of the structure. For cladding the building, you can use a board or plywood. They are characterized by high moisture resistance and are cheap, therefore they are considered the best option for covering the structure. The interior is insulated with mineral wool and vapor barrier, and the outside can be additionally insulated with foam, the joints can be sealed with foam, and then decorated with decorative trim.

For the interior cladding of the room, the walls are first covered with a waterproofing layer, then a wooden crate is made, into which a layer of mineral wool is fixed. Creation of a stove and shelves. If the paired shelves are designed exclusively for sitting, then the optimal length is about 60 cm.

In order to lie in a steam room, the size of the bed should be 1.9 m. The shelves can be made in the form of a bench or flat with a support for the head. The stove should be set up in the far corner of the steam room. When building a furnace with your own hands, it is recommended to purchase a ready-made one, since it requires certain skills and abilities. You can also use the services of specially trained people.

You can build a bath yourself if you adhere to the sequence of the main stages of work. The bathhouse at the dacha will become a favorite vacation spot, where you can not only improve your health, but also improve your appearance.

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