Graceful action: growing and caring for a flower

More recently, the exotic plant deytion has appeared in our gardens. Despite the fact that the plant appeared in our gardens not so long ago, it immediately fell in love with its long and abundant flowering.

Small flowers are collected in tassels, which abundantly decorate the bush. Thanks to this bush, your garden will simply be transformed, it will become more elegant and comfortable. If you provide the bush with care, cut it off and fertilize it in time, it will thank you with its beautiful large flowers, and will decorate the space in front of the house for a long time.


  • Description of the graceful action
  • Bush care
  • Shrub propagation

Description of the graceful action

Deutzia graceful is a beautiful shrub, generously strewn with snow-white flowers, which are collected in tassels at the ends of the branches. The flower is thermophilic enough, and it is difficult for it to survive our harsh winters, therefore, in order to avoid frostbite of the branches, it must be covered and insulated in advance. But, the branches that were damaged by frost with the onset of heat quickly depart, start up new shoots of greenery, and even bloom in the same year.

Therefore, we can safely say that the shrub is prone to rapid recovery. Another plus is aesthetics and organicity. Even after the shrub has finished blooming, it remains green.

With large beautiful leaves, and continues to delight the eye until the onset of cold weather. During the work of experienced breeders, several representatives of the action were selected, which turned out to be most resistant to cold, and at the same time had large large flowers.

Most often, these types are sold in stores. The average period during which the bush will bloom and delight you with a beautiful appearance is 50 years. Not all flowering shrubs can boast of such a life expectancy.

Bush care

Deytsia is a rather unpretentious plant that does not require special care. In addition, it recovers very quickly, even when planting, the bush needs very little time to adapt and renew the disturbed root system.

It is better to plant graceful action in a well-lit place, since it loves both sunlight and warmth. But there should be no drafts at the planting site, they are detrimental to the plant. In order to properly plant a plant, you need to follow these simple rules:

  1. The planting hole must be at least 50 cm deep, otherwise the action simply will not have enough space for rooting and spreading the rhizome.
  2. At the bottom of the pit, 10-15 cm of sand is poured. This is done in order to provide the plant with drainage.
  3. If the soil at the planting site is acidic, then you need to add about 200 grams of ash or 300 grams of lime.
  4. This will soften the ground a little and allow the plant to adapt faster.

Next, the plant itself is planted. Watering should be constant but moderate. A large amount of moisture can have a detrimental effect on the plant, and lead to root rot. It is enough to water the action 1-2 times a month (depending on the weather) with 1-2 buckets of clean water for a large bush.

In order for the plant to bloom better, I fertilize it in the spring, bringing 5-6 buckets of manure under the bush. But after pruning, it is useful to apply a complex mineral fertilizer. Such a complex of vitamins and minerals is well absorbed, and thanks to it the flowers become even more voluminous and numerous, do not dry out longer.

The plant perfectly tolerates pruning, and to rejuvenate the bush, a complete pruning "under the stump" is carried out. So, you cut all branches almost to the bottom. In this case, there is no other way out for the action to completely renew all its branches. But if you just want to give the bush a neater shape, then trim the branches immediately after flowering before the first serious shoot.

In order to prevent the plant from dying in winter and the branches not to be frostbitten, it is necessary to prune in the fall and cover the kut with fallen leaves, with a layer of at least 15 cm.If you did not manage to do this in time, then you can gently bend the branches to cover the bush with the snow that has fallen. It will also provide excellent protection against frost.

If you want to plant several bushes, then keep a distance, there should be a distance of at least 1.5-2 meters between the bushes. So they will not interfere with each other, and will be able to fully develop.

Shrub propagation

But what if you already have a large and beautiful bush, and you want to divide it into several and plant it. In order to get a good result, so that a small shrub can take root, and bloom next year, you need to know the basic rules.

Video review of the graceful action:

Action multiplies in several ways:

  • Green or lignified plant cuttings
  • Layers
  • Root offspring
  • By dividing the bush into several sections
  • Using plant seeds

One of the simplest and most common methods is green cuttings. The best time for him is the beginning of summer. Well-formed shoots, which have already begun to develop independently, are suitable for separation.

In order to provoke the growth of the root system, you need to use various dressings and fertilizers. For example, dry fertilizer "Kornevich". They need to lightly powder the roots of the plant before planting the sprout. This will help the roots to quickly adapt to the new place and take root in it.

A hole, at least 50 cm deep, must be filled 20 cm with a mixture of soil and river sand in a 1: 1 ratio, plant a cutting and cover with the remaining soil. Some experts recommend planting cuttings first in pre-prepared barrels or boxes and placing them in a greenhouse. So the rooting of the plant will be much faster.

Particular attention should be paid to the first winter after transplanting. The young plant is still rather weak and needs additional protection from cold and frost. Therefore, take care of it in advance - cover the plant with fallen leaves, or spruce (pine) branches.

Deutia graceful is a wonderful bush that will decorate your yard or garden with beautiful flowers. Even after the bush has faded, it will delight you with its appearance: beautiful green leaves will add freshness and comfort to the yard.

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