Colette seed potatoes

Currently, a large number of potato varieties bred in European countries are cultivated in our country. Colette seed potatoes can be distinguished among them.

This variety has an amazing presentation, marketability of tubers is approximately 87%. Thanks to this quality, colette is one of the most fashionable and sought-after potato varieties among chip manufacturers.

Colette potatoes are a very early variety, the tuber is formed within 65-75 days. Ripe oval-shaped potatoes, yellow with pale yellow flesh. The mass of potatoes can reach 130 g. Colette has a rather high yield from 40 to 60 tons per hectare, especially with regular watering.

Colette is resistant to the most common potato diseases such as potato cancer, late blight and cyst nematode. It has a fairly good keeping quality.

As for the taste of the colette, they are excellent. The starch content is about 15%, therefore this variety has an average digestibility.

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