The best Dutch DIY tomato varieties

Tomatoes, brought to Europe by the discoverers of America, were first grown as ornamental plants. Due to the lack of heat and sun, the tomatoes simply did not have time to ripen.

After the tomatoes began to be grown through seedlings, and their green fruits learned to ripen, they became one of the most favorite vegetables on the table of the inhabitants of the Eurasian continent. Holland is one of the world leaders in tomato breeding and seed production. We will try to find out which Dutch tomato varieties can be grown in the garden.


  • Early Dutch tomatoes
  • Late Dutch Tomatoes
  • Medium Dutch tomato varieties

Early Dutch tomatoes

Seeds of early varieties of tomatoes attract all gardeners by the fact that thanks to them, you can get a harvest in an average of 100 days from the moment of the emergence of friendly shoots. Early varieties bred by Dutch scientists include:

  • Bobcat F1
  • Tarpan F1
  • President II F1
  • Crystal F1
  • Big Beef F1

Variety Big Beef F1

This variety belongs to very large-fruited, so-called beef - tomatoes or steak varieties of tomatoes. Like all varieties of this group, the fruits are large, not less than 200 grams in weight, tomatoes are not uncommon and weighing 350 grams. The shape is round, the color of a ripe tomato is red, very bright. Tomatoes have a great taste and salad purpose. Ripening begins already on the hundredth day after the mass germination of seeds.

Important! In order for the fruits to show their varietal characteristics, this variety must be grown in one stem and constantly pinned. Variety Big Beef F1 is grown outdoors on a trellis. The variety is also suitable for greenhouses. The advantage of this variety is its good tolerance to diseases:

  • tobacco mosaic
  • stem cancer
  • fusarium wilting
  • nematode
  • gray spot

Also, the advantage of the fruit is the increased dry matter content and the predominance of pulp over the volume of seed nests. If on one square. do not place more than 2-3 plants per meter, then about 5 kg of tomatoes can be collected from one bush. The disadvantages include the need for high trellis, more than 2 m.

If the shoots are not fixed on the trellis in time, they can break under the weight of the fruit. Despite the fact that many gardeners strive to grow the earliest varieties, still most of the area of ​​the site is usually allocated for varieties with an average ripening period.

Medium Dutch tomato varieties

Medium-ripening tomatoes are most often universal varieties. They are good both fresh and for home preservation. Among the tomatoes of the average maturity of the Dutch selection, the following should be noted:

  • Organza F1
  • Dundee F1
  • Picolino F1
  • Torbay F1
  • Bomax F1
  • Yaki F1

Organza F1

These tomatoes are distinguished by unlimited shoot growth. The fruits are oval with an obovate shape. In the initial period of ripening, the fruits of the variety are light green, and at full maturity they are bright, orange. Fruit weight 45 - 50 g, the number of seed nests does not exceed three. The taste is excellent, the fruits are high in sugar and dry matter.

The appointment is universal. Very suitable for preservation as a whole. The advantage of the variety is its yield, 21 kg of organza F1 tomatoes can be removed from one square meter. The variety is tolerant to unfavorable weather and to most tomato diseases.

Torbay F1

The tomato has pink fruits and excellent taste. It tastes as good as the proven Bull's Heart variety. A variety for open ground and temporary film shelters. The fruits are large, with an average weight of 200.0 g. The peduncle has no green spot. The shape is round, with pronounced ribbing, slightly flattened.

On the break, the flesh is sugary. The dense structure of the flesh makes it possible to transport the fruits of this variety over long distances without losing quality and presentation.

Differs in resistance to fruit cracking. Despite the limited growth, the bushes are no higher than 0.8-0.9 m, the variety needs to be tied up and formed when grown. The best way to grow is in two stems. The yield is good. When placing up to three bushes per sq. meter bushes are simply sprinkled with pink fruits.

Bomax F1 grade

Tall variety of unlimited growth. The fruits are large, weighing 210-220 grams, the color of unripe fruits is green, ripe fruits are red. The skin is shiny, glossy. Grown in the open field with the obligatory formation of a bush and fruit brushes. It is most convenient to grow in one or two shoots, and form a brush in four ovaries.

It tolerates transportation very well, is kept fresh without loss of quality for up to 4-5 weeks. Despite the fact that many medium-sized varieties can give a medium-late harvest, still up to 5-10% of the area allotted for tomatoes can be planted with late varieties.

Late Dutch Tomatoes

One of the famous varieties with extended late fruiting is the Dutch variety Super Roma VF. These tomatoes begin to ripen four months after the emergence of the bulk of the seedlings. Fruits in the ripening period have green stripes, fully ripe, they become a uniform red color.

Shape - elongated plums, sometimes with a small spout. Average weight - up to 90.0 g. Bushes of limited growth up to 0.6 m in height. The variety has an extended fruiting, very productive, gives up to 15 kg per sq. m. Can be removed in an immature state, tomatoes are well stored and ripen.

The variety is resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes. Despite the fact that most of the Dutch varieties are of hybrid origin, this does not detract from their merits. In the process of working on new hybrids, breeders conduct directional pollination of one tomato variety with another. The result of such pollination is the first generation hybrids, which are superior in their qualities to the parental forms.

All of the above varieties have been tested and approved for cultivation. Very often, high germination and a good yield are ensured by presale treatment of Dutch seeds using a special technology, rather than the use of genetic modification methods.

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