Common hops and their cultivation on the balcony

Common hops are found under the names hops, khmil, hop, gorkach. It belongs to the category of sedative plants, as well as passion flower, motherwort heart, evading peony.

Common hop is a perennial dioecious, creeping plant from the hemp family. The stem of the plant is curly, hollow, covered with hooked thorns, reaching 5–7 m in length.

In female plants, the inflorescences are dense cones, collected from 20-60 flowers.

In the lower part of the cones, lupulin glands with bitter substances are formed in the cells.

Male inflorescences are highly branched leafless panicles.

The pollen is very light and can be carried by the wind up to a distance of 3 km.

The fruit is a single-seeded, brown, flattened nutlet, covered at the base by the remaining perianth. Common hops are propagated by seeds and vegetatively (by offspring).

Life expectancy is 15-20 years or more. Distributed in almost all regions of the European part of the CIS, in the Caucasus, in Western and Eastern Siberia.

It grows on moist and damp fertile soils in black-alder and oak-ash forests, over shrubs and ravines. Prefers humus-rich soils. The plant is poisonous!

Common hops and their cultivation on the balcony.

Many of us consider the balcony to be an extension of our apartment, because there you can grow flowers and all kinds of plants. However, not all plants thrive in polluted urban atmospheres.

Therefore, if your balcony faces a busy highway, then it is worth stopping at unpretentious species, such as ordinary hops.

Common hops and growing them on the balcony will not only bring you joy, but also give a spectacular appearance to your home.

Growing tips:

  • Since common hops have large roots, a large pot should be chosen initially.
  • After the first sprout appears (after about 2 years), it is necessary to put a support around which it will subsequently curl. Ordinary hops are twisted counterclockwise.
  • Water this plant 3 times a week.
  • Shoots should be pruned every year.

Growing hops on the balcony will save you from going to the pharmacy. After all, in the fall, green bumps turn yellow, then they are cut off, dried and make a wonderful pillow that will help you get rid of insomnia.

Common hops are used to strengthen hair. To do this, you need to rub the cone decoction into the scalp.

As you can see, growing hops at home has a lot of positive aspects.

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