How to cultivate squash correctly

Does cultivation of squash require knowledge of secrets? They represent the pumpkin family, just like the squash. Their flesh is crispy and tender.

How to grow squash

Squash is healthier than squash. The taste is compared to an artichoke. Also with asparagus. Can be preserved, then they look like porcini mushrooms. In our country, we managed to achieve the fact that it became quite simple to grow them. The varieties are fruitful, and the fruit is compact, but very healthy.

Growing up consists of several stages:

  • Sowing. The seeds are recommended when they are several years old. The recommended temperature is the end of May, or about 15 degrees Celsius in the air. For sowing, holes are needed. Seeds are also sown in the grooves. The main thing is to maintain a checkerboard pattern. Can be planted on light to heavy soils while maintaining depth. When leaves appear, thinning is carried out. Don't let the earth dry up. You can use a film. Sprouts are white;
  • It takes 3-4 weeks for seedlings to develop. Follow the same pattern that was chosen for seeding. Add peat, sod land. Frequent watering is not needed. Late afternoon is the best time to disembark. The danger of frost must be left behind. The stem of the finished seedlings is low, but stocky. There are some sturdy leaves. You can use different protection -; films, bottles, etc.
  • For outdoor cultivation, provide frost protection. Pinch the growing point on mature plants. If you huddle it up, adventitious roots will appear.

This is followed by the collection. Do not overripe. The fruits can be stored indoors - it must be ventilated, but dry. So the cultivation of zucchini can be done.

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