How to make drip irrigation yourself on the site?

In order for the plants in the garden to develop well, they must be systematically watered. How to make drip irrigation yourself? This is an easy task. The main thing is to understand the basic nuances.


  • What is drip irrigation?
  • What are the features and benefits of drip irrigation?
  • What is needed for the further construction of the structure?
  • Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

What is drip irrigation?

In different parts of the world, owners are thinking about saving natural resources, since they need to give money for them. But you want to get a great harvest without using a lot of water. An automatic irrigation system can help in such a situation. This is a convenient design that allows you to save finances for paying for natural resources and provide regular watering in the garden. You can do it yourself.

What are the features and benefits of drip irrigation?

The main advantage of such automatic irrigation is that the water supply is provided at the right time in the required amount. The owner must use the structure correctly, then he will receive a high-quality crop, which he did not have before. This happens because watering helps the plant develop and helps it breathe.

In addition, fertilizers can be diluted in water. Dissolving, they quickly penetrate to the rhizome of plants that have been planted. This top dressing shows excellent results at the end of the season during harvest. In addition, in this way, the leaves are protected from burns, which often occur during the usual method of feeding and watering.

What is needed for the further construction of the structure?

Before proceeding with the construction of a structure, it is necessary to understand the principle of its operation. Otherwise, you may not be able to do drip irrigation with your own hands. The operation of this system is quite simple. A source of water must be provided for her. It is a large capacity. If it is small, then it is often necessary to fill the water.

But you should not take a container that is too huge, since it needs a lot of space. The construction requires filters and valves. The structure should include several cranes. With the help of one, the opening of water will occur. It can be closed with a storage tank.

Another tap is used to ensure the drainage of water if the structure needs to be repaired. It is also used to empty the container before winter. The filter allows you to make water purification, get rid of debris and clogging. For the construction it is necessary to acquire pipelines. They should be of two types:

  1. Tough. They are used for main pipelines.
  2. Soft. With their help, drip irrigation occurs.

In order to assemble the structure, a variety of tees are needed. In order not to suffer much, it is recommended to buy a special sleeve that is designed for this type of watering. It already has small holes through which water will flow. Of course, it is quite expensive. If a person cannot afford it, then special nozzles can be dispensed with.

But they must be installed under each plant. Therefore, it will be more profitable to buy a special sleeve. It will be much cheaper. These are the most basic details that will be needed for the construction of drip irrigation. But, given the peculiarities of the suburban area, other little things may be required. After that, you can start building the structure.

Step-by-step manufacturing instructions

Collecting drip irrigation is a simple task. It will be especially easy to make it to those who have some knowledge and experience in a similar matter. If a person has never assembled such a pipeline, then he needs to deal with all the nuances. To build drip irrigation, you must adhere to a certain sequence.

Video on how to build drip irrigation in the country:

Initially, a storage tank is prepared and installed. To do this, it is worth placing the container, which has been prepared, in a certain place. This should be the highest point in the country. It is recommended to raise it a meter above the ground. For this, the structure itself for the support is initially cooked. It is often made of stone. After that, a reservoir is attached to it.

After that, a squeegee crashes into this reservoir. There is no need to use welding for this. The squeegee must be threaded. One should be long and the other short. There should also be 2 locknuts and rubber seals. Also, raw rubber material is suitable for this, which is cut with bundles having a width of 1 centimeter.

Initially, the lock nut is screwed onto the squeegee, after which it is inserted into the hole that was drilled in the container. Further, from the inside, another lock nut is screwed onto it. Between the barrel itself, into which water will be poured, and the lock nut, the rubber material is wound. After such manipulations, it is necessary to tighten the nut tightly. If wet rubber is used, then it is recommended to use washers as well. Next, a filter is installed, also an adapter, with which the pipes will be connected.

This is a standard procedure. When everything is done, it is worth starting to lay the line of the entire drip irrigation structure. Each bed should have a tee. Initially, the pipe is laid, it must be solid.

It is located across all the beds. After that, it is connected to the tank. Next, near all the beds, it is necessary to cut the line where the tee is placed. There is a need, then it is worth building a threaded end. Another adapter will be screwed into it to connect the sleeve for the irrigation structure.

The main pipeline must end with a threaded end piece. There should also be screwing. This is necessary so that the liquid is drained from the entire structure if it breaks or needs to be emptied for the winter.

Next, branches are laid for irrigation. To do this, you can use a regular hose that is used to water the beds. On the one hand, it is muffled, where there is no connection to the trunk. You can also use a ready-made sleeve for drip irrigation.

Each owner decides for himself which option to lean towards. Financial capabilities are also taken into account here. When the hose is connected to the tee, then it is worthwhile to run it in all places in the garden where the plants grow. For this, small holes are punctured. Initially, their size should be minimal.

If necessary, they can be increased. An irrigation branch will run along each bed. The hose should be close to the landing. Don't forget to plug the other end. So, a drip irrigation system is a great opportunity to save water, provide the plants with the necessary moisture, and also feed them. You can build it yourself. The main thing is to take into account various nuances.

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