How to sow lawn grass and how to care for it?

Many owners dream of decorating their summer cottage with a beautiful lawn. How to sow lawn grass? What needs to be done for this? For a lawn to be attractive and grow well, you need to know some secrets.


  • In what season to plant, how to prepare the land for planting?
  • Features of watering, lighting
  • Leaving immediately after planting
  • How to properly care for your lawn?

In what season to plant, how to prepare the land for planting?

Everyone wants to get a flat lawn, which can be seen in the pictures. But first, you should carefully study the rules for planting grass. It is worth considering all the stages carefully. First, you need to prepare the ground. To do this, you must adhere to the following sequence:

All garbage that is on the territory is removed. This includes bricks, stones, paper, etc.
All the stumps that are on the site should be uprooted. Unnecessary rhizomes are also removed.
All weeds are removed. The earth is dug up, organic fertilizers are introduced into it. It is also necessary to create a drain, for which battered bricks or rubble are used.

The soil is well leveled and compacted with a roller. The surface of the earth is loosened using a rake. It is recommended to sow the lawn in April or May. At this time, the soil is saturated with water. But it is not always possible to start planting in the spring. If a person decided to do this in the summer, then it is worth adhering to the following rules:

  • Sowing is best done in the evening.
  • The soil must be watered using the sprinkler method
  • For moisture to be absorbed, you should wait about 2 hours
  • After that, they begin to scatter the seeds themselves.

At the end, the soil is loosened with a rake and tamped
The soil is mulched with humus or peat, and the next morning it is watered again.

Features of watering, lighting

The grass is sown by hand. For this, a special seeder is also used. As already mentioned, the evening time is best suited for sowing, since at this time the sun is no longer so scorching. It is also better to choose a day when there is no wind. Otherwise, the seeds are squeezed out of the soil. You also need to pay attention to watering the area.

It must be well hydrated for the seeds to germinate. When sowing is finished, the area is watered again. A regular watering can is suitable for this. No need to apply hose or fill fit.

Leaving immediately after planting

After the grass begins to appear on the site, it is necessary to thoroughly water it. This is hello to the fact that the lawn will stand out in density, and the rhizome will develop normally. If the grass does not have enough moisture, then it will turn yellow. If you provide the correct watering and feeding, then the lawn will turn green in a short time.

When 2 weeks have passed, you can start mowing the lawn. This leads to the fact that the grass forms bushes, which adds density to the lawn. It is recommended not to walk on the lawn until after the first mow. You also need to make sure that animals do not walk on it. After that, it is worth adhering to the further rules of care.

How to properly care for your lawn?

If a person has planted a lawn, it must be watered regularly. But do not allow excess moisture. Watering should be done as needed. Otherwise, a pretty lawn can easily turn into a swamp. It must be watered with a spray system. In addition to watering, the lawn needs a systematic and correct mowing.

After all, the grass grows higher over time. To make your lawn look beautiful, you need to mow it. The grass can begin to grow at 5 degrees.

Therefore, the first haircut should be done, taking into account the temperature readings. When the mowing is done in the spring for the first time, then it is worth setting the mower blade to a high level. When it gets warmer, which will speed up the growth of the lawn, mowing is done more often, and the grass is trimmed shorter. This procedure is performed at least once every 7 days. The grass should not be shorter than five centimeters.

It should be understood that in too hot weather, growth slows down, especially in sunny areas. In this case, the haircut is done every 2-3 weeks. In this case, it is recommended to remove the basket in which the cut grass is collected. Greenery that has been trimmed will fall on the lawn, thereby protecting it from the scorching sun.

It is necessary to mow the lawn when there is no rain. If the grass is cut very shortly, then the root system will be exposed, the soil will dry out, and this will noticeably weaken the planting. But the grass should not be very long either, since the ground part becomes weak. It is worth knowing how to care for your lawn in the spring.

Initially, the entire territory is processed. It is necessary to remove weeds, scarify, aerate, decorate the edges of the lawn, apply fertilizers, level the surface, and mulch. With the onset of autumn, it is also necessary to take care of the lawn. Care is almost the same as in spring. But there are some differences. Namely:

  • No need to sow new grass
  • Lawn edges do not need decoration

But some other procedures are added. In the fall, you need to remove foliage that has fallen from the trees. For this, a lawn mower or a special garden vacuum cleaner can help. If the first option is used, then the foliage will be crushed and useful for mulching. It is worth remembering that when it gets colder, then it is necessary to make the grass of a greater height.

When it is wet or frosty, then it is better not to touch the lawn. It is recommended that you try not to step on it during such periods. So, many people dream of a lawn, but not everyone dares to plant lawn grass. But this is a simple task that even inexperienced gardeners can cope with. The main thing is to take into account certain rules for sowing and further care. In this case, the lawn will delight you with its beauty.

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