What are the best varieties of cucumbers to plant in a greenhouse?

Today, cucumber is a common vegetable that many gardeners grow. But what varieties of cucumbers are best for planting in a greenhouse?


  • Popular varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse
  • Variety "Swallow F1"
  • Phoenix plus
  • Xana F1 and Zubrenok F1

Popular varieties of cucumbers for the greenhouse

When deciding to start growing cucumbers in a greenhouse, you need to choose the right variety. When choosing it, you should pay attention to the appearance and shape of the future fetus, how it will taste. These are important nuances in choosing a variety. But the most important criteria are:

  • Seasonal destination
  • Pollination option
  • Branching type

In greenhouse conditions, trellises are often used for growing cucumbers. For this reason, it is worth asking about the type of branching when choosing a crop variety. There are also species that have weak branching. In this case, cultivation will be a little easier, since such a plant takes less time to build trellises. In addition, these varieties ripen quickly enough. But they have a slightly lower yield when compared to cucumbers, which branch well.

It is important to pay attention to the pollination option. Experienced gardeners are not advised to choose those varieties that are pollinated by bees. This is due to the fact that in greenhouse conditions, pollination will not occur so intensively. This will lead to the fact that the inflorescences begin to crumble.

You can do manual pollination, but this is a difficult procedure, so many gardeners refuse to do it. Today, there is an ideal alternative. These are varieties that are themselves pollinated. For this, breeders have tried well. It is these types of cucumbers that are recommended to be chosen for growing in greenhouse conditions.

When there were about 60 varieties of cucumbers that were intended for planting in a greenhouse. But breeders work annually, breeding new species. Therefore, today there are a lot of such varieties. They are divided into such groups regarding the way of use:

  • Canning
  • Salting
  • Salad
  • Universal

The most popular species are considered to be some varieties, which will be discussed further.

Emelya F1. It is a popular variety. Such a hybrid ripens early, and more female flowers form on its branches. The breeders who worked on this variety tried to breed the salad look. But in the end, such a cucumber is often used for pickling. This is a fairly productive variety. The first cucumbers can be seen as early as 39 days after planting. One fruit reaches 13-15 cm, which weighs about 150 grams. The most important advantage of this variety is that it is not afraid of many diseases. It does not lend itself to cucumber mosaic, rhizome rot, powdery mildew.

Speaker F1. This is a versatile type of cucumber. It ripens early. Initially, flowers appear, there are more female-type inflorescences on the bush. Many gardeners grow it under film material. Such cucumbers ripen 40 days after the shoots have appeared. From 1 sq. m. you can collect about 18 kg of fruit. They are shaped like a cylinder.

One cucumber can weigh about 100 grams. Gardeners advise using the crop for making salads, canning it and pickling it.

Hercules F1. This variety is classified as a versatile greenhouse cucumber. He has a mixed flowering, and he sings late. It was not by chance that the name appeared this way. He was compared with the ancient hero, as he shows high results in terms of yield. If you properly care for the crop, you can collect up to 30 kg of cucumbers from 1 sq. In addition, the fruits do not grow small, their weight reaches 170 g. But this variety has a certain drawback: it is not as tasty as other species. It also sometimes needs manual pollination. After the shoots have appeared, it will take about 62 days, and the first crop can be harvested. This variety is resistant to several popular diseases.

Farmer F1. It belongs to mid-season varieties. He is able to pollinate on his own. More female inflorescences appear on the bushes. Cucumbers of this kind are not afraid of cold, powdery mildew. One fruit weighs about 100 grams. It is lumpy. Ripening occurs in 50-60 days. For 1 sq. up to 14 kg of crop can be harvested.

Annushka F1. It is also a mid-season species. But bees are needed to pollinate such a cucumber. More female flowers grow on the bush. The fruits are in the shape of a cylinder with ribs and tubercles. One cucumber reaches up to 12 cm, and its weight is about 95 grams. This variety is appreciated by gardeners, since it is not afraid of many diseases, it brings a stable harvest.

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These varieties have gained great popularity. But there are some species that have received special love from gardeners. They are described below.

Variety "Swallow F1"

About a dozen years ago, this variety first appeared on the market. Studying it has shown that it bears consistently many fruits. Very often, gardeners plant such cucumbers in their greenhouse. about 50 kg of cucumbers can be harvested. These are very high rates. Many foreign species will not be able to boast of such results.

In addition, such cucumbers ripen in a short time. After sprouting, 35 days pass, after which you can already enjoy your harvest. This variety is not afraid of many diseases that are common among cucumbers. The fruit itself grows small, its length reaches 12 cm. It has 3 edges, tubercles. Gardeners give off the taste of such cucumbers, as they are without bitterness. The crop can be used for salting, making salads, canning. This variety is not forbidden to grow outdoors.

Phoenix plus

It is an excellent variety that has also gained immense popularity. For the basis, the breeders took the Phoenix 640 cucumber. But the new species has its own differences. He is not afraid of many diseases. For all the time, not a single gardener has encountered the appearance of a disease in cucumbers of this species.

In a greenhouse, you can harvest for a long time. Many female inflorescences appear on his bush. The fruits have a thin peel and are crunchy. These cucumbers do not accumulate bitterness, so they are ideal for salads or fresh consumption.

Xana F1 and Zubrenok F1

It is an excellent variety that ripens early. More female inflorescences are formed on its bush. Delicious fruits appear after a while. They are dark green in color and have a flat surface. Gardeners advise growing such cucumbers for sale. The plant is not afraid of all sorts of diseases. Even in greenhouses that are not heated, they will bear early fruit.

The F1 toothbrush is an important achievement for breeders. Cucumbers "Rodnichok" were used to breed this variety. The result is a species that has better characteristics than many other popular varieties. You can see the first fruits already 1.5 months after the emergence of shoots.

But the plant does not stop bearing fruit, but pleases its owners with cucumbers for a long time. about 35 kg of fruit can be harvested. So there are many varieties of cucumber that can be grown in a greenhouse. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with them before purchasing seeds.

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