Ginger: growing in the country and proper storage

Ginger is used not only as a spice, but also as a treatment for various diseases. Growing such a plant in the country is becoming popular today. But how to grow ginger at home? Where should you start?


  • How to prepare material for planting?
  • How to grow ginger?
  • Care Tips
  • Root storage

How to prepare material for planting?

Before planting ginger, it is worth preparing the planting material. This is a simple procedure that many people can handle. But not everyone knows how to do it. Many people buy ginger from supermarkets, where it is a pure root. It is a root vegetable, the reproduction of which occurs by dividing the root system. In order to plant ginger, you need a fresh root vegetable. Such planting material is sold in specialized stores.

In addition, you can get sprouts from the seeds that you got from a culture that germinates in natural conditions. But if a person for the first time wants to try to breed ginger in his summer cottage, it is better for him to go to the store where to purchase seed material.

It is worthwhile to take a responsible approach to the purchase of ginger root. It should be fresh. Its surface should be flat, covered with buds. If the acquired root has smooth skin, practically no fibers, not wrinkled, then it is ideal for planting.

Before the planting procedure, it is worth soaking the rhizome in warm water. He is left in such conditions all night. After that, the rudiments will begin to swell. It is not necessary to plant the entire root, you can divide it into several parts. But each piece should have a couple of buds. After that, parts of the rhizome are covered with ash where the cut was made. This is done to prevent rotting.

How to grow ginger?

If a person has a great desire to grow ginger in a summer cottage, then initially it is worthwhile to start sprouting a root. It is better to plant it in February or March. In the spring, it will start to germinate well. It was at this time that experienced gardeners are advised to move the seedling into open ground. It is recommended to germinate more than one root. In addition, it is worth observing such important rules:

  • The soil should not dry out
  • Spraying is required
  • To prevent the foliage from drying out, it is worth creating protection from the sun's rays.

After a while, it is recommended to feed with a mullein, which is diluted with water. From August, it is worth adding potash fertilizers to form new tubers well.

It is recommended that you stop watering the plant before the planned harvest. At the end of September, you can observe that the foliage is breaking up in different directions. After a while, it will turn yellow and disappear. It is during this period that the rhizome is dug up.

If the plant is grown as a decoration, then there is no need to touch the root system, it is left in the ground.

In addition to roots specific to taste, stems and foliage are used for cooking. These parts of the plant contain many useful substances. To grow large root crops, it is not recommended to get carried away with pruning. After the roots have been dug, they are cleared of the earth, appendages are removed. Next, the root crop is placed on drying for 3 days in the sun.

Care Tips

Planting and growing ginger is easy. But what to do when the root has already sprouted? To get a good harvest, you need to follow simple rules. The plant must be watered and fed in a timely manner. In addition, if a person decides to grow ginger in a summer cottage, he is advised to follow these rules:

  1. When ginger is planted, it is worth dividing the root along the bridges of the processes. Each particle obtained should have 1-2 buds.
  2. At home, you can start planting ginger at any suitable time, but experienced gardeners recommend doing this in the winter.
  3. To protect the rhizome from fungus, it is recommended to spray with a mild manganese solution before the plant is planted.
  4. In order for ginger to grow well, it is worth systematically feeding. It is recommended to use potash fertilizers during the flowering period.
  5. The plant needs proper watering. It is not necessary to fill it, but the soil should not dry out. When the first shoots appear, watering is increased.

If you adhere to the above rules, ginger will grow normally and will delight you with the harvest. In the middle of autumn there is a dormant period of the plant. At this time, it is necessary to harvest. If you look at the root, you can see the shoots with buds. They are carefully torn off and placed in fresh soil. Everything else can be used for a variety of purposes.

Root storage

To keep fresh ginger alive, there are some tips to keep in mind. Storage should be carried out in a dry place. For this, a cellar or basement is ideal, where the temperature does not exceed 2-5 degrees Celsius. Some people store the root vegetable in the refrigerator.

You can also chop the ginger thinly, dry it, and store it. In this form, the root will lie for a long time, but it will taste sharper. By adhering to simple recommendations, you can grow ginger yourself. This is a simple procedure.

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