Growing dill and parsley on the plot and windowsill

Each country has its own favorite spices, and it's no secret that for us it is dill and parsley. Besides their excellent taste, dill and parsley are very healthy.

Growing dill and parsley does not require special knowledge, greens can be grown not only on the site, but also in pots. For planting, you must use fresh seeds, no more than two years ago.


Dill is not afraid of cold weather, it sprouts even at rather low temperatures. Before planting dill seeds, it is advisable to soak in warm water, this stimulates their growth. Dill really needs good clarification. It is advisable not to thicken the crops so that the greens can fully develop.


The land, in the area set aside for parsley, must be thoroughly fluffed and moistened. Its seeds are very small and do not germinate well on uneven, dry soil. It is important to avoid weeds and dry crust. Parsley needs additional feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers (2 times during the growing season).

Growing dill and parsley on a windowsill

You can plant green seeds in ordinary flower pots (preferably ceramic), use a soil mixture as soil. Dill and parsley seeds must be soaked in water, and then allowed to dry and only then planted. Thin the parsley after sprouting. Water the greens every two days, spray from time to time. In the period from November to February, crops need additional clarification (from 8 am and by 12-13 hours), from a lack of light, the plants become sluggish, dill loses its aroma.

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