DIY grape press: step by step instructions

When growing grapes in a summer cottage, many gardeners process the resulting crop into juice, wine or vinegar. Difficulties in the construction process usually do not arise if you follow the instructions.


  • What is a grape press
  • Required tools and materials
  • Manufacturing instruction
  • Application rules

What is a grape press

A press juicer makes life much easier for a summer resident or gardener. It can be used to squeeze juice from grapes and other fruits. The press consists of a frame, a tray for juice, a barrel, a pressing element, a filtering fine mesh and a power screw for squeezing.

For grapes, it is better to use a screw press. Pressing white grapes must be done after crushing. It is recommended to perform this procedure with red grapes a few days after the start of fermentation. The principle of operation of the press: the grapes are loaded into the basket, then the screw mechanism squeezes the juice out of it.

In the future, you can make homemade wine, various drinks, jellies from it. The crusher allows not only fermenting grapes, but also squeezing the juice. Natural juice without water, added sugar, contains various vitamins. The juice is stored for a long time after sterilization.

The device is constructed from ecological materials, which is very important, as it comes into contact with food. The press can be made of stainless steel. Such a product will serve for a long time. The crusher has a number of advantages. When the press is working, the contact between the juice and the press is weak and does not cause heating.

This is very important, since all vitamins do not disappear, but remain in the juice. The cake remains at the exit. Thanks to the press, you can thoroughly squeeze the berries, which increases the amount of juice obtained at the exit. A self-made or purchased grape press is an indispensable assistant for winemakers.

Required tools and materials

Before making a juice press, you need to prepare the necessary materials. For work, you will need the following materials:

  • Wooden beams
  • Rolls
  • Bolts and nuts for fastening
  • Metal rod
  • Bearings
  • Tools for working with wood and metal

Crushers can be made from any material: wood, plastic, stainless steel. The easiest way to make a press with your own hands is from wood. Better quality is the stainless steel press. It is very convenient to wash and clean it. It is not difficult to make your own press out of wood or steel.

Manufacturing instruction

For the press, you should take 2 pipe stands with a diameter of about 22 mm. Next, weld a U-shaped profile to the pipes. The height of the profile should be chosen so that the screw nut can be positioned freely inside. Weld a clamp to each pipe at the base. Thanks to these clamps, the press can be attached to the windowsill. For the construction of the frame, it is necessary to take wooden blocks with a cross section of 4 * 10cm.

Their length should be 60-70cm. The width of the device will depend on the size of the rollers. The optimum width is 20 cm. The length of the rollers and the distance between the bars must be the same. For the press, it is recommended to use grooved rolls with a depth of 3 cm. The product should be directed to the roll axes in a helical manner.

In this case, for every 10 cm of the roll, it is necessary to make a shift of 2 cm. Further, this mechanism is fixed to the frame with the help of bearings. The roll will rotate at different speeds, so gears must be used with different diameters.

To load berries, you need a bucket. It is desirable that it be pyramidal. The bucket is installed on the transverse rails of the frame. If possible, the distance between the wooden bucket and the roller should be at least 1 cm.

It is necessary to install a vessel at the base of the press, where the juice will accumulate. For normal squeezing of fruits between the rollers, the gaps should be controlled. The gaps between the crushing rollers allow the grape seeds to remain intact. This is of great importance for the production of delicious and quality wine. When damaged, the seeds give the drink bitterness, due to the high content of tannins in them.

The press basket can be made of stainless steel, the thickness of which will be 2 mm. In this case, portions of raw materials can be separated by spacers. They are made of 2 spot welded stainless steel discs. Drill 3 mm holes in these discs.

Application rules

Once fabricated, the press can be placed and secured to any support. Before work, the grape crusher must be placed on a flat surface and well fixed.

The hand crusher must be installed on a container for collecting the pulp. To do this, you can use barrels or tanks made of plastic or stainless steel. To obtain juice, berries are loaded into the loading bucket. From there they are poured onto the rolls. A strong napkin must be placed at the bottom of the basket, from which the cake is then removed.

When rotating, the berries are crushed, and then turn into a mass like mashed potatoes, from which juice comes out. Before loading the berries into the receiving bucket, they are removed from the bunch and washed well. There is no need to peel the berries, thanks to which the juice has a pleasant aroma.

After processing the crop, the device should be well rinsed and dried to avoid decay. A homemade press greatly simplifies the work of processing berries, especially when the harvested crop is about 200 kg.

Video about the principle of the press for grapes:

Watch the video: Using a Wine Press Part 1 - How to Press Grapes - Weston 05-0101 (January 2022).