How to grow 500 - 600 kg of potatoes from a hundred square meters, and not as usual!

Honored agronomist Vladimir Ivanovich Kornilov, a well-known professional - a potato grower. A person needs about 100 kg of potatoes per year, and a family of 4 people needs about 400 kg. According to the system of ecological organic live farming, it is necessary to carry out vernalization. By vernalization, you activate the tubers for fast germination, recovery and protection from diseases. You will need about 500 tubers the size of a chicken egg (70 g) per hundred square meters. PLANTING TIME OF POTATO Dates by zone In the middle zone (Moscow, Ufa, Chelyabinsk,), potatoes are planted about May 8 - 10. In Perm, Yekaterinburg, they are planted around May 15. In Voronezh, Saratov ... - April 10, and in warm latitudes (in Krasnodar, Rostov) they are planted around March 10, i.e. 50 days earlier. The best planting time in our middle zone is early May (May 8-10). Many people look at folk signs: the unfolding of a birch leaf to the size of 2 ruble coins of the last issue. If you planted it earlier, then it is possible that frost will overtake your potatoes. In such a situation, the seedlings must be hilled, that is, covered with earth completely. WE REVIVAL THE SOIL, MAKE IT FERTILIZER ... WHAT IS NECESSARY FOR THIS? Honestly, even with a smaller amount of applied fertilizers, you can get a larger yield, but you should add organic matter, humus substances and beneficial microflora. Most of the nutrients are in an unavailable form. When we add organic matter, macro- and microelements with the help of biota are converted into an accessible form and this will be enough for plants. According to proven scientific research, 500 kg of potatoes are removed from one hundred square meters of 2.5 kg of nitrogen (N), 1 kg of phosphorus (P) and 5 kg (K) of potassium. Hereinafter, we are talking only about soluble nutrients, but insoluble ones, that are inaccessible to plants in the ground are much more. Http:// It would be nice to do an analysis of your garden soil at least once. Such analyzes are done by agrochemical services in your city. Potatoes love loose soil, so if you have problems with this, then 2-3 buckets of washed sand + a bucket of humus or compost should be applied per one hundred square meters. Only rotted manure can be added. We introduce 40 kg of organic fertilizer Bionex, 7 kg of soft fertilizer Gumi-Omi Potatoes and about 4.5 kg of Gumi-Omi Potassium per 1 hundred square meters. The soil will receive nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements in sufficient quantities. To plow everything. Thus, we revived, enriched our soil with useful elements for a long time. By the way, instead of Bionex, you can add 20 kg of fertilizer to a hundred square meters of REAL chicken manure, it is disinfected three times: microbiologically, thermally at a temperature of 300 degrees and natural sorbents. LANDING SCHEME, PREPARATION OF HOLES AND THE MOST LANDING CLUB We make holes on a shovel bayonet (25 cm), between rows 60 cm and between holes a distance of 35 cm. Do not thicken the landing. You will not get a good harvest in this way. In each hole we lay a handful of soft fertilizer Gumi-Omi Potatoes and Bionex (or 1 tablespoon or half a handful of PRESENT chicken manure). ALWAYS mix the contents of the well with the ground and sprinkle on top (3 cm). We do this so that as the plant grows, the roots receive constant nutrition. Two hours before planting, we begin to prepare the potato tubers. First, we soaked them for half an hour in advance in a solution of three biological products: Gumi, Fitosporin and Borogum (1 tsp + 5 tsp + 5 tbsp for 5 liters of water). Or we dip it in this solution, but it is better to soak it, then the tuber is saturated with the necessary microelements and natural phytobacteria will protect from the inside, as well as a protective film to repel the attacks of bacteria and fungi. You can also use, instead of the usual Fitosporin-M, a biological solution of Fitosporin Olympic, which contains 90 trace elements, Gumi and useful phytobacteria. Gumi increases the stress resistance of our potatoes during frost and drought, and Borogum is a biological product, thanks to which the seedlings in the eyes of the potato grow more actively and thus the future yield increases by 20%! After soaking, put the tubers to dry. Landing. We lay the tuber horizontally so that the distance from the top of the tuber to the soil surface is 6-7 cm. After planting, level the soil with a rake to reduce moisture evaporation. Well, the potatoes are planted. Further care, hilling ... and, of course, protection from diseases and the Colorado potato beetle. In your garden, we recommend using biological products such as Gumi + BTB. Gumi here increases the turgor of plant tissues, and our potatoes will be strong and less susceptible to pests. And BTB acts already at the larval stage, disrupting the work of the digestive system of insects and significantly reducing their ability to reproduce. Gumi + BTB is absolutely safe for the environment and does not accumulate in the harvest. The waiting time between processing and eating potatoes is only 5 days. Big and healthy harvests for you!

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