Options for vertical beds for strawberries, soil composition for filling them

Lovers of strawberries and garden strawberries, when growing berries, always come up with something new to get a decent harvest and to improve the quality of berries. Vertical strawberry beds have their own advantages, but they are also not without some disadvantages.


  • Pros and cons of vertical strawberry beds
  • DIY vertical beds in a vertically fixed plastic pipe
  • Arrangement of a multi-tiered vertical bed for planting strawberries
  • Soil for vertical beds for planting strawberries

Pros and cons of vertical strawberry beds

For those who have conceived the device of vertical beds, it is better to immediately warn about the disadvantages of this method of growing berries. Cons of vertical beds:

  • the main disadvantage is soil freezing in regions with severe winters
  • soil in containers is subject to faster drying out
  • additional feeding is required
  • the cost of purchasing materials for the device of beds

If these disadvantages are not scary, then it is worth talking about the advantages of arranging a vertical berry bed. Pros of vertical beds:

  • saving space on small garden plots
  • minimal physical effort when processing the soil
  • aesthetic appearance
  • almost complete absence of weeds
  • pest control
  • mobility, some structures are easy to move
  • convenient to harvest
  • a wide range of options

To reduce the negative aspects to a minimum, you need to think about insulation in the winter, arrange a system of irrigation and feeding, and choose the design of a vertical bed with a sufficient volume of containers so that strawberry roots can develop and allow the ground part to develop.

If the site is located in a region with mild winters and sufficient precipitation in summer, then this is another plus in favor of vertical beds. We will try to consider several options that are suitable for growing a crop such as strawberries.

DIY vertical beds in a vertically fixed plastic pipe

For such a bed, you need to purchase two pieces of plastic pipes of the same length. The diameter of one small pipe, several times smaller than the second pipe. Let's call a thin pipe a sprinkler. The role of this pipe is to supply plants with water. To do this, you need to make holes in it along the entire length using a drill. The diameter of the holes is about 0.5 cm. To prevent them from clogging up with soil, the pipe must be wrapped in burlap or in any non-woven material. Close the lower end of the pipe tightly so that water does not escape.

In a wide pipe, a plug must be installed at the lower end. Step back 10-15 cm from the lower end and make three rows of holes. The diameter of one is 5 - 6 cm. The holes are staggered. The distance between them is 15 cm. One side of the pipe remains intact. With this side, it will be turned towards the support and fixed to it. A fence, a wall of any structure can serve as a support.

You can install and fix such a bed on the cross. Now it is important to fit the narrow pipe exactly in the center into the wide pipe. After that, you need to start filling the pipe with soil. First of all, the drainage layer is poured. Its height is equal to the height of the pipe to the first row of holes.

After that, the pipe is filled with special soil, its composition will be described a little below. The inner tube is filled with water. The entire structure is fixed on a support. It is important to turn the tube towards sunlight. Such a design can have one or several such pipes can be installed side by side. There is an option for installing a house, when two rows of pipes are installed in such a way that the upper ends are in contact, and the lower ends are spaced from each other.

Arrangement of a multi-tiered vertical bed for planting strawberries

For such a bed, you will need either several pieces of a fairly wide plastic pipe or several wooden boxes. The plastic pipes are cut in half lengthwise. The ends of the pipes are closed with plugs. From the half of the pipe, a peculiar, rather deep groove is obtained.

It is desirable that the depth is at least 30 cm. Make drainage holes in the lower side to prevent stagnation of water.

Now prepared gutters or boxes made of wood, also 30 - 35 cm deep, must be fixed in tiers. But it is important to make sure that the upper tiers do not obscure the lower ones. Here you can consider a suspended version, when containers are suspended from beams fixed to the top. For example, for the device of three tiers, three beams are needed, spaced from each other at some distance.

You can hang it on ropes or wire, choosing a certain length for each tier. The second fixing method is more suitable for wooden boxes. They are fixed on racks made of wood, installed with a slope. After that, a layer of drainage material is poured into the container and filled with soil. Strawberry seedlings are planted in prepared containers.

Multi-tiered vertical beds can be arranged in more available materials. For this, bags filled with soil from under construction and other materials are also suitable. It is important to correctly assess the resistance of the material for vertical beds to the effects of natural factors, because, perhaps, strawberries will have to be grown in these containers for three to five years. Separately, it should be said about the soil in which strawberries will grow when planted vertically.

Soil for vertical beds for planting strawberries

For the device of vertical berry beds, you will definitely need a hydrogel. This is a special polymer substance, the granules of which accumulate and retain moisture. Strawberries will be able to use this moisture gradually.

The second mandatory component of the soil for vertical beds is small pieces of foam. They practically remain unchanged for many years and prevent the earth from compaction, prevent it from caking. Also, the soil needs to be filled with mineral and organic fertilizers, although in the future the plants will have to be fed, nutritious dressing is important for future strawberry harvests.

When arranging vertical beds, you may have to spend money and effort at the first stage, but in the future you can get a return on an excellent berry harvest. To keep costs to a minimum, vertical beds can be arranged in handy tools such as old furniture cabinets or using car tires.

Video about vertical beds:

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