What to do if the harvest of potatoes and other vegetables deteriorates?

konst.skotnikov Tue 04/19/2016 - 10:16

Experts sin for storage, and we offer a solution

Potatoes fall in price, along with the price, their quality decreases for a long time. And for such cases, BashIncom has a solution ready.

This year, a rich potato crop will be harvested, according to experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Federal State Statistics Service - so rich that there will most likely not be enough storage facilities for storing it. Therefore, an oversupply of potatoes is expected, but its quality may be threatened. There are several reasons for this: this is the use of low-quality planting material, and the widespread occurrence of various diseases, and bad weather during harvesting in certain areas. According to experts, “bulk potatoes”, which will be sold in the first place, will cost less, but will be stored worse.

There is a solution! As Baron Munchausen said, there are no hopeless situations, so you shouldn't hang your nose and look around. At the same time, attentive people should certainly turn their attention to the latest innovative biological products produced by our, domestic enterprise, NVP "BashInkom". These preparations are based on billions of beneficial bacteria from hay bacillus, which actively fight against putrefactive bacteria and fungi. For plants, animals and humans, these bacteria are absolutely safe - and this is another indisputable plus of biological products.

Both for private traders and for large farms. The name AntiGnil speaks for itself - this biological product for small volumes, from refrigerators to cellars, will help everyone who harvests crops for future use. AntiRot is available in the form of powder and liquid, and the bottle is equipped with a convenient spray. One bottle is enough to process up to 400 kg of vegetables and fruits, while the shelf life is extended by 1.5-2 times! For large farms, the use of the biological product Fitosporin-P Storage would be a wonderful solution, and there is already an impressive experience in this. Therefore, do not be discouraged, the time has come for biotechnology and intelligent progress.

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