How to grow oyster mushrooms at home?

If you grow mushrooms at home, you can harvest all year round, which can be used as additional income. But how to grow oyster mushrooms at home?


  • Ways of growing oyster mushrooms
  • Rules for growing oyster mushrooms at home
  • Growing oyster mushrooms on tree stumps
  • Transfer to the garden

Ways of growing oyster mushrooms

Growing oyster mushrooms can be done in two ways:

  • Extensive
  • Intense

The first method involves the use of natural conditions, which is more beneficial. For the intensive method, it is necessary to create an artificial environment. These methods have some drawbacks. If you grow oyster mushrooms in natural conditions, you can get a crop once a year, since it depends on the natural environment.

If you use the second method, you need to invest more money, adhere to a variety of organizational rules. Many people grow oyster mushrooms in the basement. Both methods can be used for this. It depends on the personal preference and capabilities of the owner.

Rules for growing oyster mushrooms at home

These mushrooms can be grown at home. This does not require much effort, it is enough to adhere to simple rules. To grow oyster mushrooms, you need to carry out some procedures.

  1. Substrate preparation. For this, straw, sunflower husks, buckwheat husks, parts of corn, for example, foliage or cobs, are used. You can combine these materials with wood sawdust. The main thing is that the substrate is not spoiled. All components are crushed and combined with each other.
  2. Buying mycelium. This material is sold in packaged form. There are packages with a capacity of 1-4 kg. You should know that 300 g of mycelium is required for 10 kg of moistened substrate.
  3. If you plan to plant several bags, then initially it is necessary to weigh the substrate. After that, the required amount of mycelium is determined.
  4. Heat treatment of the substrate. It is necessary to prepare a voluminous dish in which the crushed substrate will be cooked. It is filled with water.

It must be taken so that the liquid covers the surface. The substrate is boiled for 2 hours. Then the mixture is cooled and excess moisture is removed. Preparation of containers. It is best to get huge bags, which would fit 10 kg of moistened substrate. This is not a requirement, however, as smaller packages can be used. They must be kept in a weak solution of bleach, after this procedure they must be rinsed.

Filling containers. The bags are filled with layers: the substrate is poured 5 cm, mycelium is 0.5 cm. After the bag is full, it is tied and cut through every 10 cm.

Incubation. The filled bags are left in a clean room, the air temperature should be kept for 10 days in the range of 18-22 degrees. It is recommended to hang the container or place it on the shelves. The main thing is that there are no insects in the room, but there was an opportunity to ventilate it. When the substrate temperature rises above 30 degrees, it is necessary to ventilate. A fan can be used for this. After 4 days, a mycelium will appear in the mushroom block.

It resembles a plaque. On the 10th day, the bag will be overgrown with mycelium. When the bag is overgrown with mycelium, the temperature must be reduced to 10-15 degrees. In addition, the bags should be illuminated for at least 8 hours a day. The humidity of the air must be high; for this, the walls and floor are humidified. The main thing is that water does not fall on the blocks. After some time oyster mushrooms will appear. After 2 weeks, they are cut off.

Re-fruiting. After harvesting, the room must be ventilated and expect a second wave of oyster mushrooms. This will happen after 2 weeks. It is recommended to keep the air temperature at 15 degrees. If you grow mushrooms at home, you can harvest up to 4 times from one material. After that, it is necessary to change the blocks, since the number of oyster mushrooms will noticeably decrease.

Growing oyster mushrooms on tree stumps

This method takes more time, but for its implementation, you need to spend a minimum of funds. The harvest can only be obtained during the mushroom season, as it depends on the weather conditions. Even in winter, it is necessary to prepare hemp. They should have healthy bark that is not covered with mold. Stumps should be left in a dry storage area.

Video about growing oyster mushrooms:

Before the planting material is introduced, the hemp is soaked for 3 days. In this way, the level of humidity rises, which is important for future myceliums. In May, you should take the hemp with mycelium outside. At this time, the risk of frost is already reduced. The mycelium is sown using different methods.

The stumps are perforating. The holes should be up to 6 cm deep and 10 mm in diameter. Mycelium is poured into these holes, and then they are covered with tape or moss. To grow oyster mushrooms in this way, you need to purchase mycelium in grains. If sticks are used, then they are stuck into the holes and sealed with plasticine. A disc is cut from the log, which has a thickness of 3 cm.

The mycelium is placed on the end of the stump, and then covered with this disc. In order for it to fix well, it is hammered in with nails. Some people make a hemp pyramid. A layer of mycelium of 2 cm is superimposed on each end. When the sowing has taken place, you need to transfer the stumps to the basement, in which there should be a temperature of 15 degrees. If the first 2 methods are used, then the stumps are laid in a horizontal position.

After that, they must be covered with foil or bags. If the second method was used, then the pyramid is placed vertically. The void that has formed, and the top is covered with wet sawdust. This entire structure is wrapped in a film to retain moisture.

Transfer to the garden

Prepared hemp should be kept in the basement for another 3 months, until May comes. It is during this period that frosts no longer appear, which is very important. From time to time it is necessary to ventilate the room where the stumps lie, humidify the air. You can transfer the logs to the street when a white bloom appears.

It is worth choosing a suitable place for stumps in the garden. To do this, it is worth choosing an area that is in the shade. For this reason, they are often placed near trees with dense foliage, which will cover them from the scorching sun.

First, pits are pulled out, then moistened leaves are laid out in them and logs are placed. They should be deepened 15 cm into the soil. There should be about 0.5 m between each stump.Further, minimal maintenance should be carried out. It is systematically necessary to moisten the soil near the stumps. Oyster mushrooms will appear in late August or September. If the weather is warm, then the harvest is harvested before the end of autumn.

As winter approaches, it is worth protecting the logs from the cold. To do this, they are covered with foliage, straw. For several years, oyster mushrooms will systematically appear on the stumps. Most of them will be for 2 and 3 years. Using any of the methods, you can easily grow oyster mushrooms at home. The main thing is to adhere to simple rules.

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