How to grow an oak from an acorn: step by step instructions

Some oak trees can grow for over a hundred years. If a person decided to plant it in his garden, he should consider where the oak will grow, since it will also delight descendants with its beauty. It is recommended to choose places where other plantations will not interfere with the tree. But how to grow an oak from an acorn?


  • Preparation of planting material
  • Preserving acorns
  • Germination and care
  • Picking
  • Landing in open ground

Preparation of planting material

Initially, you should start preparing the planting material. It is also important to choose the right landing site. Acorns are harvested in the autumn. It is necessary to ensure that they are not damaged, without worms, holes. A brown acorn, which has a greenish tint, is ideal for planting. But each variety has its own differences in color.

The acorn should peel off easily from the cap, which serves as protection. When it detaches, the acorn takes no damage. Even in the summer, you should look after the location of the oak trees, and in the fall go to harvest the crop, which will serve as planting material.

When a certain number of acorns have been collected, they should be tested. To do this, they are immersed in water for a couple of minutes. If the acorn floats on top, it should be discarded. Shapeless and soft fruits are also unsuitable. Those acorns that are suitable for planting are dried and put in a plastic bag, which is well closed.

Preserving acorns

The harvested fruits should be properly preserved. To do this, they are washed with water, you can also use soap. In this way, bacteria, mold, fungi are destroyed, because in the future they can harm a young tree. To save acorns before planting, you can use the basement, cellar. The room temperature should slightly exceed 0 degrees.

Storage of planting material lasts 90 days. During this time, stratification occurs (cold test), and the fruit begins to germinate. You can also store acorns in the refrigerator.

Stratification is especially important for planting material. This procedure helps the fruit to germinate well in the spring. During storage of acorns, you should periodically look at their condition. If the fruits are in a place with high humidity, they will rot. If there is not enough moisture, acorns will not germinate. Therefore, a middle ground should be provided. The planting material will begin to germinate after 1-2 months of storage.

Germination and care

Once the acorns have sprouted, you should handle them carefully. This is due to the fact that their roots are quite brittle. Sprouted fruits are planted in containers or pots, the size of which should not be large. Even plastic cups are suitable for this. They are filled with ordinary soil, to which a small amount of moss is added. After that, the acorn is not deeply placed, the root should be directed downward.

In the container, which is selected for planting, it is required to make holes so that excess liquid flows out. You can immediately plant an acorn in the open ground, which has a well-developed root. But often such a plant dies quickly, since it is not protected from rodents.

Video about how an oak grows from an acorn:

When the acorns are planted in containers, they should be watered. Water should begin to flow out of the holes made. At first, the seedlings need frequent watering. It is recommended to place containers on the south side windowsills, so the plant will receive a sufficient amount of light.

For some time, there will be no changes in the planted acorns. Don't worry, as this is normal. During this period, a rhizome is formed in the seedlings.


When the plants begin to develop and they have 2-3 leaves, they are planted in large containers. In such conditions, they will get stronger. This is often done 14 days after the acorns have been planted. Some gardeners immediately transplant plants outdoors, or adapt seedlings for outdoor use.

There are many techniques, but certain signs are distinguished when acorns are ready for planting in a permanent place. Namely:

  1. The plant has grown to a height of 15 cm, while it has leaves.
  2. There is a healthy white rhizome.
  3. The main root is well developed.
  4. The seedlings are larger than the container they are in.
  5. 2 weeks have passed since the landing.

Landing in open ground

Finding the right place to plant is very important. There should be a lot of space in the selected area, since in the future the oak will grow to a large size.

It is necessary to take into account such factors when choosing a site for planting:

  1. The area where the seedlings are planted should be well lit.
  2. There should be no plumbing or pipelines near the selected location.
  3. If technical work or construction is carried out in the future, the risk of damage to the rhizome increases, which will adversely affect the condition of the tree.

Those who want the oak to form a shadow in the future that will fall on the house should plant seedlings in the southwest. Residents of the southern regions are better off landing in the west, so that in the future they will get a shadow. It is best to avoid places with a lot of plants. All vegetation will fight for light, moisture, which can lead to the death of the seedling.

When a person has decided on a place, one should begin to cleanse it. The soil must be dug to a depth of about 30 centimeters. The soil should be slightly moist. For this reason, it is initially watered. After the work done, a hole should be dug, its width is 25-30 centimeters. Its depth depends on the rhizome, it must sink all the way into the ground.

After that, it remains to immerse the acorn, sprinkle with soil. Further, the soil is compacted, and the plant is well watered. After that, you need to monitor the plant, water it, and after a while it should take root well in a new place.

Watch the video: How to grow an acorn the right way (December 2021).