Celosia: growing, proper care, watering regime

If the owners have a desire to diversify the flowerbed in the country or the greenhouse on the balcony with bright colors, then cellosis is ideal for this, growing and caring for it requires some knowledge. But such a flowering can appear after considerable work. Mistakes in growing cellosis should not be allowed.


  • Celosi planting
  • Growing a plant
  • Care and feeding

Celosi planting

Often, the propagation of cellosis occurs with the help of seeds. If you use cuttings, the risk of losing decorativeness increases. It is recommended to choose a mixture of seeds, this will lead to the fact that the plant will delight with its flowers in summer and early autumn. Seeds are planted in a greenhouse or loggia at the end of March. Light soil is required. To plant seeds for seedlings, you need to adhere to the following sequence:

  1. Seeds are distributed throughout the soil, and a small amount of soil is poured from above.
  2. Next, you need to carefully water the soil.
  3. The container is covered with a film, from which condensation should be removed periodically.

When sprouting celosia, it should not stand in direct sunlight. It will take only 5-14 days and sprouts will appear. They sprout quickly if the room temperature is 23-25 ​​degrees. If you leave them where the temperature is lower, the seedlings will appear unevenly, and some of the seeds will not be able to get rid of the skin.

Celosia loves light, so it is recommended to add additional lighting when growing seedlings, especially in a greenhouse. When shoots appear, thinning can be carried out. There should be a distance of 1 centimeter between each plant. Seedlings can quickly begin to stretch, for this reason it is recommended to provide them with a sufficient feeding area. Otherwise, plant death may occur. To prevent this from happening, celosia is treated with special agents that can be purchased in stores with products for the gardener.

But do not dive early. This procedure should be done when 2 leaves grow on the plant. After the first pick, the seedlings should take root. After that, it is recommended to carry out top dressing.

For this, mineral fertilizer is used. Top dressing should take place along with watering. When transshipment of seedlings is carried out, a second feeding is done. But you need to do everything in moderation, you should not overfeed the plant. Otherwise, foliage will begin to grow, and this will have a bad effect on future flowering.

Does not tolerate cellosis and highly moist or dense soil. For this reason, vermiculite is introduced into it. If the seedlings develop in the house, but there is a greenhouse at the summer cottage, then it is recommended to place containers with the plant in it in mid-May. This improves the development of the inflorescences.

When the weather stabilizes and the risk of frost is reduced, then the celosia is planted in open ground. The main thing to remember is that this plant loves warmth and light, and excessive moisture can harm it. For this reason, gardeners are advised to choose an area for planting that is well lit by the sun, protected from the wind. It is recommended to lime acidic soil.

Do not use fresh organic fertilizers. If varieties are selected that do not reach large sizes, then the seedlings are planted at a distance of 15 cm, if the owners are inclined to tall cellosia, then it is worth planting seedlings at a distance of 25 cm.The first inflorescences will appear in late May or early June. When the temperature drops to 1 degree, then the flowering stops.

Growing a plant

As soon as the celosia has been transplanted into open ground, fertilization should be done in combination with watering. But they should be applied to the soil no more than 2 times a month. Overfed celosia will have foliage and small flowers. This plant is able to withstand temperatures below 10 degrees, but in this case its growth and the appearance of inflorescences will slow down. Indicators of 23-25 ​​degrees are ideal for cellosis.

Do not forget that the soil must be neutral. The owners need to make sure that the water does not stagnate. It is not recommended to water in the evening, it is better to do it in the morning. This procedure requires warm water. At home, the development of a plant takes a long time, especially in a room where ventilation is often carried out. When it is extremely hot outside, spraying is recommended.

Care and feeding

Celosia loves warmth, this should not be forgotten. Therefore, gardeners are advised to create greenhouse conditions for plant development. Many breeders have been diligently engaged in the withdrawal of cold-resistant varieties, while they succeeded, but new species also develop better in warmth. This plant is quite demanding. Caring for him consists of correctly provided conditions. Celosia should be in a place that is well lit. The plant has a special preference for watering, since it does not like waterlogging, but the dryness of the soil will have a bad effect on its development.

But with regard to fertilizers, celosia has no particular preferences. For this, the usual garden flower dressing is suitable. However, it is not recommended to use nitrogen fertilizers, as they improve foliage development. In order for celosia to constantly delight with its flowers, it is recommended to monitor the condition of the foliage, as well as eliminate dry inflorescences. This plant can be attacked by pests. Aphids are especially dangerous for cellosis. It destroys shoots and foliage. You need to fight it, for this they use aphicides.

When the plant has not yet matured, then it may have a problem called the black leg. To prevent this, you need to carefully follow the watering rules. It is held in the morning, on days when the sun is shining. Gardeners advise not to water the plant at all in cloudy weather, since it is quite sensitive to weather changes.

If, nevertheless, a black leg appears, then it is recommended to loosen the soil, add ash to it, and reduce watering. It is an excess of moisture and poor drainage that lead to such consequences. If you listen to these tips, adhere to all the rules of care, then the whole will develop normally. In the end, she will thank her owner with beautiful inflorescences that will delight the eye throughout the summer.

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