Rudbeckia - flower sun in the garden. Planting and care features

Perhaps every housewife knows a bright and sunny flower called rudbeckia.

Many flower growers, the plant won over with its attractive appearance and undemandingness to its person.

A bright, sunny and incredibly fragrant flower will surely delight any flower bed with its presence. Talk about the rules of planting and caring for the plant further.


  • Features of rudbeckia. How to plant a plant correctly
  • How to care for a "sunny flower"?

Features of rudbeckia. How to plant a plant correctly

Surely everyone had the honor to see the blooming rudbeckia. The plant belongs to the Astrov family, today botanists have about 40 species of plants of the genus Rudbeckia.

The stem of the plant is straight and tall, the stem is long, the flower can reach a height of 40-70 centimeters. The inflorescence is collected in a basket, the colors of rudbeckia can be very diverse: yellow, bright orange, orange-red, etc.

Rudbeckia is a perennial plant, but annuals are also found. The plant can be propagated by dividing the rhizome or using harvested seeds.

Since this plant is not whimsical - both methods of reproduction are considered to be beneficial, and will certainly bring a positive, "blooming" result.

It has already been written above that the "sunny flower" does not require special attention to itself. The plant will take root well if it is planted in clay soils, but it is very important to ensure sufficient sunlight and optimal moisture levels.

Stages of planting rudbeckia seeds:

  1. Prepare a landing site. To do this, loosen the soil with a shovel or pitchfork.
  2. It's good if you managed to fertilize the soil before planting, if not, then make it laugh. A cow's humus is suitable as fertilizer.
  3. Use a hoe to dig small holes 5-7 centimeters deep.
  4. Moisten the soil with plenty of water. Add seeds.
  5. Cover the rudbeckia seeds with soil, and lightly tamp the planting site.

In the event that you propagate the plant using the root method, separate the required number of rudbeckia roots, dig a hole of the required diameter, stick in the rhizomes and compact them well with soil.

Remember that you can plant rudbeckia seeds in early spring, April is the most appropriate time for planting a "sunny flower".

If you want to root propagate the plant, start planting in mid-September.

So, we managed to find out that the planting process does not differ from that for most plants. Rudbeckia is not whimsical in the choice of soil, however, it requires exposure to sunlight, and moderate watering.

How to care for a "sunny flower"?

If you have just started cultivating garden flowers, then rudbeckia will be a pleasant find for you.

The video is dedicated to the rudbeckia flower:

Not only does the plant almost always sprout, it still does not require special attention and care. Rudbeckia flowers will delight the hostess with a long and fragrant flowering.

What does care for rudbeckia include?

Moderate watering. It is worth noting that rudbeckia is a moisture-loving plant, however, it will not tolerate excessive watering.

It is better to water the flower in the evening. It is better to start the next watering when the soil is completely dry.

Shine. Above, information has already been indicated that rudbeckia is a light-loving plant, so the planting site should be well lit.

Also, try not to be disturbed by strong winds - the trunk of the plant is very fragile, which can damage the rudbeckia.

Fertilizers. There is no need to fertilize the "sunny flower". You can apply fertilizers before planting, but you should not apply them during growth and flowering.

If you notice that the flower has stopped developing, then you can apply a special fertilizer for flowering plants. You can buy the product at any flower shop.

Pruning. When caring for a plant, do not forget about pruning the flower. Cutting dry twigs will help not only to tidy up the aesthetic appearance of the rudbeckia, but also to prolong its flowering. Do not feel sorry for the plant, if you see a dried flower - cut it off.

In late autumn, when the rudbeckia begins to dry out gradually, collect its seeds and plant the next year. In order to preserve all the properties of the seeds, put them on a clean sheet of paper, so excess moisture will leave the seeds.

Once you've prepared your seeds, put them in a clean, dry jar. You need to store the seeds in a dark place, out of direct sunlight.

This is such a "sunny flower" rudbeckia. We managed to find out that the main feature of the plant is long, persistent flowering and unpretentiousness to its person.

If you are a beginner and do not know which plant to start with, then opt for rudbeckia: an exquisite aroma and aesthetic appearance are guaranteed to you.

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