Willow goat Pendula: planting and recommendations for caring for her

Willows require a lot of space, so they can often be found in parks or squares.

Among the wide variety of the willow family, goat willow is decorative and can be grown for decorating a summer cottage. Planting a ligneous plant is not difficult, and it is quite simple to care for it.


  • Willow goat Pendula: description
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  • Pendula goat willow care
  • Problems in caring for goat willow

Willow goat Pendula: description

Weeping willow goat Pendula is a deciduous tree with a beautiful tent-shaped crown. You can distinguish this representative from other species by the crown and color of the leaves. Deciduous tree grows along roads, in the mountains, on the edges, near water bodies.

The crown size is 1.5 m. Each year the tree grows 5-10 cm in height and 10-20 cm in width. Willow lives for a long time 30-40 years.

Pendula's leaves are oval-pointed, reaching 6-8 cm in length. The outer side of the leaves is smooth, and the inner side is velvety. They are dark green in summer and yellow in autumn. The decorative tree blooms almost all spring. The flowers are yellow during flowering. It can grow in any humidity.

Willow is not demanding on the soil. The goat willow Pendula can withstand even the most severe frosts. It must be regularly looked after and watered abundantly.

Planting goat willow

When buying seedlings, you need to pay attention to their quality. The survival rate and development of the tree depends on this. It is important to know by what method the shoot was obtained - by pruning or grafting. If the shoot is obtained by grafting, then the bark and the site of grafting should be examined. There should be no dead scales on it. These are the basic requirements when choosing a seedling.

The ideal place for planting a tree is loamy soil. If there is groundwater nearby, this does not hinder the development of willow. First, you should prepare a pit 50 cm wide and 40 cm deep. Add compost, peat, humus to the bottom of the pit.

It is also important to apply mineral fertilizers in a timely manner. Mix the contents in the pit, and then start planting a tree. At the end of planting, water the willow with plenty of water.

If the willow has a closed root system, then it is important to ensure that it does not dry out.

You can plant at any time from spring to autumn.

Pendula goat willow care

The first time after planting, the tree should be constantly moistened. For 2 weeks, the willow must consume at least 50 liters of water. If the summers are dry, then you need to water much more often. In the second year of life, irrigation is sufficient every week.

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Like any woody plant, the Pendula willow needs to be fed. From spring to autumn, fertilize only 2-3 times with special complex fertilizers. In autumn, superphosphate, as well as sulfuric potassium, can be used as a top dressing.

To stop the growth of weeds, mulching is necessary. This procedure is designed to retain moisture in the soil. Mulching can be performed with various components: peat, sawdust, paper, expanded clay, pebbles. Any material must be crushed and scattered at the base of the tree.

The dried soil under the willow should be loosened. When cracks are formed, loosening is carried out after watering, preferably every other day. The tree is resistant to low temperatures, but the bole must be covered for the winter.

In the first years after planting the willow, it is necessary to prune the shoots. The decorativeness of the plant depends on the correct implementation of this procedure. Shoots should be shortened even from small seedlings, while leaving about 15 cm with one healthy bud. She should be looking up.

Pruning of shoots in mature trees should be done after flowering. In order for the crown to become thick and start branching, it is necessary to shorten the shoots by at least 2/3 of the entire length. During the summer, new shoots will have time to form, become strong and beautiful.

You can propagate goat willow by grafting on a bole, but it is rather difficult to do it yourself. The seedling obtained in this way in most cases dies.

Better to buy a seedling in a nursery. Goat willow will look good in landscape design. A flowering tree can be combined with various perennials, ground covers, dwarf conifers, evergreen trees.

Problems in caring for goat willow

Willow is rarely infected with any disease. Sometimes you can find white bloom on the leaves of the tree. This is powdery mildew. It develops when it is affected by a fungus. Leaves that are located on the lower crowns are mainly affected.

In a neglected situation, the foliage begins to turn yellow and fall off. Treatment of the tree consists in the timely removal of bad leaves. To fight the fungus, you can use special antifungal drugs.

Often, small black specks can be found on the leaves of the tree. This is a black spot that is caused by marsupials. To prevent further spread of stains, leaves should not come into contact with water. It is also necessary to timely weed and remove debris under the tree.

Goat willow can be susceptible to pests such as the willow leaf roll or flower fly. These are among the most important tree pests. To get rid of them, you should buy a special chemical from a flower shop and spray it on a tree.

Flower fly larvae can be removed by watering the soil with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Insecticides can also be used.

If you take care of the willow correctly and in a timely manner, then in the spring you can observe its beautiful flowering.

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